PetSmart anti-pit bull rules!

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Hershey Coco- Thunder
Barked: Mon Nov 10, '08 10:08am PST 
This past weekend had to kennel my Pit/Lab mix, I decided to take him to the local Petsmart kennel that had just recently opened. When I arrived I was informed that He would be unable to participate in group playtime, because of his breed. They did not do a personality check, nothing. They refused to listen to what training course he had attended, or that he is frequently at dog parks and various other dog play groups. They stated that bully breed "don't start the fights but that they always finish the fight". I refused to leave him, and immediately made other arrangement. I will no longer be purchasing my food or any other necessary dog supplies there. Has any one else had this problem? They stated it was a nationwide standard policy. They did say he would be allowed to have personal play time, but what fun is that for him?

Barked: Mon Nov 10, '08 10:19am PST 
I have always had a problem with Petsmarts attitude (atleast the employees)

I mean they always push certain products and if you don't buy them than they let you know that you are a bad pet owner....

If they suggest training classes and you are like no our pup is in training classes elsewhere I've see two of there employees get so upset about it that they walked out the door and started pacing.....

I've never liked petsmart...I also hate it when there employees are on break and standing out smoking and come up to your dog and start to try to pet the dog and blow smoke at them....my dogs aren't breathing that junk

Anyways all in all I avoid petsmart like the plague and that was wrong that they did that to you....they should have atleast listened to what you had to say....

I won't be buying supplies there again

But I agree with you that was very wrong

May I sit on- you?
Barked: Mon Nov 10, '08 10:35am PST 
Well that just changed my view on Petsmart. That is ridiculous. I think I may just go to my local PS and protest. Sorry that happened. Again, people are just plain ignorant when it comes to the breed. "oooooo a pitbull it MUST be mean". Give me a break.


Barked: Mon Nov 10, '08 10:46am PST 
Hershey I sent you a pawmail about putting this story on some other places to let people know....just let me know what you think

Changing one- mind at a time - APBT style
Barked: Mon Nov 10, '08 5:46pm PST 
It's not just "Pit Bulls" it's ALL "bull breeds", I've even heard of French Bulldogs (those tiny ones) getting banned as well. They also don't allow unaltered males, but unaltered females are apparently fine (even though I have seen desexed male dogs fight over unaltered females that weren't in heat); they do no temperament testing on any of the dogs, they just assume if it's not a "bull breed" then it's friendly. I wouldn't take my dog of ANY breed to any facility that didn't do temperament testing beforehand...ironically the only dogs that have attacked or tried to instigate a fight with my dogs and have gone after me have been "friendly" breeds and most of them altered (most had pretty lousy owners too).

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In loving- memory of- Lilo

Support bully- love. Ban BSL.
Barked: Mon Nov 10, '08 7:50pm PST 
Daddy's right, it's not just pit bulls.

My PetSmart restricts bull terriers, french bulldogs, American bulldogs, boxers, staffordshire bull terriers, American pit bull terrers and anything that resembles a pit bull, American staffordshire terriers- shall I continue?

That's why I don't do much shopping at PetSmart. Just when I don't have any other options.

My local PetSmart has been known to kick pit bulls out for no reason, too. When my sister had Lilo, we took Lilo in and asked one of the employees if it was okay. She said it was. While shopping, another employee approached my sister and told her that pit bulls weren't allowed.

Barked: Mon Nov 10, '08 9:03pm PST 
very very old news. they've had this PnP for years, maybe not good one, but ''group playtime'' especially for untested dogs is not a very good idea anyway. also, unless your town has BSL there is no corporate rule that you cannot bring your pit bull or any breed inside, granted its behaving.

I solemnly swear- that I am up to- no good
Barked: Mon Nov 10, '08 9:37pm PST 
Lilo, all vaccinated dogs are welcome, including pitbulls. There is absolutely NO ban against dogs entering the store and shopping with their owners. They only ban bully breeds from group playtime at the PetsHotel. And please don't think of this as a PetSmart issue, it is an insurance agent issue. way to go

Also, all the PetsHotels in my area temperment test the dogs. thinking

Changing one- mind at a time - APBT style
Barked: Mon Nov 10, '08 11:13pm PST 
That makes no sense at all to me that "Bull Breeds" are allowed in the store, in training classes, in the "hotels" where they will have contact with strangers, but not in one specific area, if it was an insurance issue, why are they allowed in every other section, including one (the "hotels") where they will be off leash/unrestrained/etc?

Not trying to start an argument, I'm just wondering.

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Sunny &- Buster

We like it!
Barked: Tue Nov 11, '08 5:34am PST 
We only go on a rare occasion but with this news we're done. You would think that a pet business wouldn't alienate a large portion of the population they're serving.
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