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♱- Cheyenne- ♱

Life is Good!
Barked: Thu Oct 2, '08 5:34pm PST 
Back in August (two days before she turned 3) Cheyenne got very very sick and died.

Saturday night, around midnight, she was hanging out in the garage with us, being her normal self. She ate normal, drank normal, and everything was just as it had been her whole life. The next morning around 8 she was laying on our back porch, labored breathing, bleeding out of both ends, throwing up blood, her eyes were glazed over, and she would not move or respond to anything.

My husband had raised heelers on his ranch and had never seen a dog like that before. We both knew when we looked at her that she was a gonner.

I took her into the ER and the vet told me it was parvo and that she could run some tests and so on and that she might be able to save her it would cost whatever and she would maybe have a 20% chance of living. I looked at Cheyenne and knew she was already gone, and I didn't want to keep her alive while they ran a few tests. So I decided to end her suffering.

Everyone who I've told this to thought it was odd that the vet diagnosed it immediately as parvo. Cheyenne had all her shots, no other dog around us was or had been sick, the dogs that lived here before us were both fine (I asked the landlord and our neighboors). I have a fenced in back yard in a quiet residential area, and Cheyenne doesn't come into contact with other dogs (or she'd eat them). Most of the people I talked to said it sounded like poison.

I couldn't figure out how Cheyenne got a hold of poison and Ruger did not. I did several combs of the back yard and found nothing. Then someone asked me if we had any rodents around our house.

A few days before Cheyenne died I was out in the garage doing laundry and my two year old daughter started screaming. I looked up to see a huge rat running towards her. Cheyenne came flying out and chased it away from our daughter.

What we think happened is the rat somehow got in our back yard and Cheyenne got a hold of it and ate it. It had already been poisoned but had not yet died from it. Cheyenne was food aggressive towards Ruger so she probably didn't let him have any.

What do you think? I've never heard of Parvo coming on sooo quickly, with absolutely no signs, especially when she's had all her shots. Plus Ruger never got sick.
Cherokee- Forever- Loved Cherry

Our Precious- Angel Cherry
Barked: Thu Oct 2, '08 6:40pm PST 
I would think more of poison.

You said she was in the garage, is there anything she could have licked? Antifreeze is very dangerous.

Any of your neighbors put out rat poison?

I do not think that parvo would be that quick with a vaccinated pup.


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Kaiser - My sweet boy- is gone

The Mister
Barked: Thu Oct 2, '08 6:50pm PST 
I just wanted to say.. I'm so very sorry you had to leave your family so soon. cry



scratch my- booty...come on- just a lil!!!
Barked: Thu Oct 2, '08 7:57pm PST 
So sorry you lost Cheyennehug

It sounded like poisoning to me too! Sorry againhug

Wishing For Snow
Barked: Thu Oct 2, '08 8:35pm PST 
I am so sorry for your loss of Cheyenne hug

As I was reading your story, I immediately thought of warfarin (rat) poisoning. It is possible for a dog or cat to be poisoned by eating a rat that had consumed poison.
Peaches- ♥

I'm adopted!!
Barked: Thu Oct 2, '08 8:59pm PST 
I agree, it definitely sounds like poison. Parvo just doesn't make any sense - it's way too quick for that. I don't think I'd go back to that vet, emergency or not.

Very sorry for your loss. hug
Nutmeg (Sep- 14'99-Jan- 8'01)

Mega- Friend to all
Barked: Thu Oct 2, '08 9:01pm PST 
I died from eating rat poison our neighbors put out without telling my family.
We know you've been gone a while as well, but we are sorry to hear you left your family at such a young age. Sounds like you were a great doghughughughug

laser- dot!...laser- dot!...laser- dot!...
Barked: Thu Oct 2, '08 9:10pm PST 
I'm so sorry. It does sound like rat poison. You may want to check the list of symptoms on this page. http://ezinearticles.com/?Dog-Rat-Poison-Symptoms&id=1374299
I would certainly want to ask the vet about it if it were me. I'm suspicious of her quick diagnosis.
Sunny &- Buster

We like it!
Barked: Fri Oct 3, '08 7:22am PST 
I also thought rodent poison or antifreeze.

We're so very sorry for your loss.hug

Warning!! Dolly- at work!!
Barked: Fri Oct 3, '08 8:26am PST 
Im not sure how the vet decided Parvo?

I was told once by a vet certain breeds and esspecially full blooded dogs seem to get hit harder and can die faster from Parvo. One was blueheelers.

But a healthy dog rarely get it as an adult even if they are not vaccinated. If they do it is no where near as dangerouse as it is for a puppy.

Vaccination is supose to prevent it. Unless the vaccination they gave you dog were no good.

Was she not your regular vet? Maybe she did not think to ask if your baby was vaccinated?? Just asumed the furrychild was not.

I had a vet like that every dog he looked at,had parvo. Its the first thing popped into his mind and he would think or look no more.

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