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Momma's Boy!
Barked: Sun Sep 14, '08 10:59pm PST 
Hi I just wanted to introduce myself to some possible new friends! 3 weeks ago Momma brought me home. I am a 3 month old stag red baby boy from a local breeder. I now have a 6-year-old red heeler for a brother and a 7-year-old tabby cat for a sister. I'm loving my new family so much. I love to sleep and cuddle with momma! I'm such a momma's boy. And daddy is my personal jungle gum I love to crawl all over him. But I'm also very shy and skidish around non family members. Next week we start puppy class which momma hopes will help bring me out of my shell.

The Underpants- Bandit
Barked: Thu Sep 18, '08 7:29pm PST 
Hi, Rusty! Nice to meet you! I'm Rey and I'm new here, too! I don't have any brothers or sisters, but I have two neighbor dogs and my girlfriend Skye at my grandparents' house! Good luck with class!!

Barked: Mon Sep 22, '08 1:28pm PST 
You're adorable!


Although I have to say you look more JRT to me than min pin, especially in your face. Maybe I'm just used to looking at Fynnigans face all day and it's because you guys' faces don't look much alike that I think I'm seeing another breed in you thinking

Good luck with your puppy classes, those are great!