Do your dogs have "eye brows"?

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The Dynamic Duo-Cookie&Treader

We live in a- nut-house!
Barked: Sat Jul 5, '08 12:53pm PST 
By "eye brows", I mean does your dog have a color that makes the place where eye brows would be seem like eye brows?
Both of my dogs do. It sure adds a lot of expression to their faces.
Look at Treader's eye brows.
And Cookie's
Seec what I mean?
Buddy- Doughnut- *CGC*ESA*

I\'m Jelly- Filled! *Gone- But Not Forgote
Barked: Sat Jul 5, '08 1:41pm PST 
I don't have brows thinkingshrug

You guys look supper cute in your brows! laugh out loud

Shelter Beagles- need homes
Barked: Sat Jul 5, '08 2:11pm PST 
I have the cutest eye brows!!! and eye lashes
look at these babies!! laugh out loud


Whose bed?? Why- would YOU think- that?
Barked: Sat Jul 5, '08 3:44pm PST 
Lily has lighter colored eyebrows than her face color. Reverse eyebrows?? Also beautiful eyeliner.
Cope- (copenhagen)

Sniff, Growl,- Bark....
Barked: Sat Jul 5, '08 8:58pm PST 
Cope has two brown dots that have whisker type things growing out of them. They sure do add expression big grin
Fun On The- Run Kennel- Racing

'10 Junior- Iditarod, 6th- place!
Barked: Sat Jul 5, '08 11:45pm PST 
My dogs Curtis, Perk, and Bat Baby are black, with whitish/cream eyebrows!

laser- dot!...laser- dot!...laser- dot!...
Barked: Tue Jul 8, '08 2:52pm PST 
Nope, I don't have eyebrows that are a different color, but I do have the kind that move around as I move my eyes. They give me that sad puppy look that gets me what I want!puppy
Murray ~In- Loving- Memory~

12/6/1998 - 07/1/2008
Barked: Wed Jul 9, '08 10:16pm PST 
I do! I could melt hearts with a single glance wink
Ursa Bella- Minima

I'm a hound- dog...
Barked: Wed Jul 9, '08 11:18pm PST 
I have eyebrows too!


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Hello. Allow me- to introduce- myself...
Barked: Thu Jul 10, '08 9:10am PST 
I think I have eye brows. But I won't come close enough to my girl so she can confirm it.
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