The Aussie grin

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Shake it like a- Polaroid- picture!
Barked: Thu Jun 5, '08 10:58am PST 
Who here loves the Aussie grin? I sure do. It's great coming home seeing my Patches grinning and doing the wiggle butt dance.
Lots of people that have met Patches loves it that he smiles(grins) at them. It looks like a snarl bearing teeth and all but it's silent.

I've tried taken a picture of it a few times but he just wiggles to fast.

Do any of you have a pic of your Aussie grining? If you do please post them.

Here is a pic of the grin if you haven't seen it before. It's not my dog, I just found a pic on the web. I'm still trying to capture Patches grin.



Bird Whisperer
Barked: Thu Jun 5, '08 11:40am PST 
My Border collie does the full mouth toothy grin like that. Desoto on the other hand when I come home from work gets his adorable doopy grin on his face, wiggles his butt while spining in circles. After I buy a new USB cable for my camera (I lose about one a week) I'll post back with Saddies grin and a vid of him big grindancing

who knew life- could be this- good!
Barked: Thu Jun 5, '08 1:18pm PST 
dutchess does the grin while wiggling all over the place. Ace just wiggle and pees on your foot!

Maggie CTL1 RE CGC

Bar Hoppin'
Barked: Thu Jun 5, '08 8:54pm PST 
Mags does this - but it is more of a "I want a cookie and you're not giving me one" kind of look.

I also love the Aussie head cock to the side - I don't have any pics of either...I just have the happy smile


Aussie Tomboy!
Barked: Tue Jun 10, '08 5:36pm PST 
I don't do this (yet), and my mom had no idea it was an Aussie "thing." Her last Aussie did it all the time -- though it was usually when he knew he'd done something naughty.

the fetch is- strong in this- one
Barked: Sun Jul 13, '08 9:03am PST 
I only do this when my sister (a Wiemaraner) stands over me and pretends to want my toy. Oddly, Wiemaraner's love to snuggle. Or when some thoughtless human decides they must tease me while I'm riding in a car. My owner calls it "alien face," but don't worry I'm all bark and show.

Timber CGC

Compulsive- face-licking- disorder ;)
Barked: Mon Jul 21, '08 3:35pm PST 
I haven't heard about the Aussie Grin yet, but I have heard about the Aussie smile. I have also seen it and I love it!!! It is so adorable. Here is my Aussie smiling happily at our dog-party for the 4th of July: http://picasaweb.google.com/kam.alexandra/July2008/photo?authkey=t6_ SYCu9pkE#5220375998554347410
In loving- memory of- Cinnamon ~

A truly good dog- never really- leaves
Barked: Mon Jul 21, '08 6:02pm PST 
I think of it more as a smile. [=
Cinnamon has a few pictures of her "aussie smile" on her page.

Now, a grin is the pit bull grin. THAT'S a grin. ^^
I love them both, though.

R.I.P dear Raja
Barked: Mon Jul 21, '08 10:57pm PST 
I don't have it yet, but mum can't wait until I dohappy dance

Barked: Fri Jul 25, '08 3:30pm PST 
Smoke has one...gets it from his daddy. His brother does it too sometimes. He only does it when he is really excited or in trouble though...and he scrunches his eyes closed when he does it too so it is doublely cute...
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