Just finished The Art of Racing in the Rain

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It's the Joey- Show!
Barked: Wed May 21, '08 3:19pm PST 
Just finished Garth Stein's new book. It was really, really good. I am also a big fan of car racing having grown up near the Indy Speedway so I love the dog's passion for racing!

The book got sad around the middle so I wasn't able to stop reading until I got to the happy ending! It was worth it. It really makes you think!

There's a cute trailer for the book here: http://dogtime.com/the-art-of-racing-in-the-rain.html

Being sassy is- my profession.
Barked: Sat May 24, '08 5:29am PST 
I just found this book at Starbucks the other day. I'm really hoping to get it and put it on my "summer reading" list.

I'm glad you gave it a good review!! blue dog
Fenway, CGC

Who loves ya- baby?
Barked: Tue May 27, '08 1:46pm PST 
I'll have to see if the library has it. Thanks for the info!


Sticks, sticks,- did someone say- STICKS!!
Barked: Mon Jun 9, '08 7:59am PST 
I read this a couple of weeks ago, excellent book!!!blue dog One of my favorites I have to say!!!

Beretta is my- name--Swimming- is my Game!
Barked: Sat Jun 14, '08 7:18am PST 
it's on my list--I have so mant to read and catch up on!!

I'll have what- you're having!
Barked: Tue Jun 17, '08 10:53am PST 
I just saw this book this morning at Starbucks! It looked really good, but I didn't have time to finish reading the synopsis (people behind me in line were getting antsy). Thanks for the good reviews! I'll have to check it out at the library...I wonder what the catalog number is for Dog Lit! BOL! laugh out loud

I'll have what- you're having!
Barked: Tue Jun 17, '08 10:59am PST 
I guess I'm a little slow to find out about this book! I just checked the county library's online catalog and there are 72 holds on the 13 copies in the county system! Yikes! frown Maybe I'll just go up to Powell's and get a copy to add to my own Dog Lit Library.

Born to retrieve
Barked: Wed Jun 18, '08 7:42pm PST 
I really loved this book. Got a copy at Sam's CLub for around $15 to add to my Dog Book collection..............now on to "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle", a debut novel by David Wroblewski that is making a lot of "noise" in the most positive ways. Quoting from IndieBound.org -"Driven by powerful characters, particularly mute Edgar abd the amazing dog Almondine, this story of a family's destruction will resonate with readers long after completion." Sounds meaty............Jess, Dusty, Zoe, Dylan and their HM
Sargent- Pupper

Barked: Thu Jun 19, '08 11:58am PST 
I just finished it too (in 2 days!) - it's an AWESOME book. I could just imagine my Sargent thinking all these thoughts. What a wonderful dog Enzo was smile.

Free the chained- dogs
Barked: Wed Jun 25, '08 8:09pm PST 
I really loved this book.

10x better than Marley and Me which I loved too.

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