My finicky eater

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Beautiful Sadie
Barked: Tue Apr 22, '08 4:41pm PST 
Sadie is 3 months old, we have had her about 10 days. Last week I made the mistake of giving her an "all beef" treat, since then she wants nothing to do with her food. I took her to the Vet and her blood sugar was low so he put her on a prescription diet to mix with her kibble, she only licks the prescription food off of the kibble. I have changed from Eukanuba to Science Diet and she does the same thing, any ideas??

Ace rules!
Barked: Tue Apr 22, '08 9:19pm PST 
I'm very picky too! Mom just kept trying every type of food out there! Now, I'm currently eating a mixture of puppy chow/dog chow & variations of moist can food & and always with shredded cheese!!!
Picky eaters can be very hard to please, huh?

Brandy- (2/1994 - 1/2010)

Sleeping Beauty
Barked: Wed Apr 23, '08 3:05pm PST 
Brandy would spit out her food if she didn't like it. We tried a number of foods and she finally stopped spitting out canidae. She will also eat anything if it's covered in iams bacon sauce.

Gray Dawn- Treader

Don't Tread on- me
Barked: Fri Apr 25, '08 12:01pm PST 
I hate Science Diet. No offense, but I don't trust the food brand suggestions that the vet gives. Vet knows health, not nutrition. JMO.
My dogs eat Lassie Natural Way, and no problems.
AM. UKC- GRAND Ch,- Misty

Look How Pretty- I Am!!!
Barked: Sun Apr 27, '08 9:07pm PST 
Pro Plan Selects , turkey, a little hot water with garlic powder,
that's what our mom feeds us and we love it!!!!

and she never ever feeds us at the same time ( this way we never know when we're going to eat or If we're going to eat) and so when our mom puts our food down ,,, we eat it! and If we walk away from our dinner then she picks it up and we don't get it until the next night... And she wont even give us a cookie....

so we never miss a meal... plus our food ...mmm mm Good!!!
Bows (Dearly- loved- forever)

Barked: Wed May 14, '08 7:48pm PST 
My sister Buttons was very finicky. She'd only eat the most expensive canned food, until they got me. When my dad would put down regular dry food, Buttons would turn her nose up at it, but not me. I'd rush over there and eat it all. It didn't take long before Buttons figured out that if she didn't eat it, she wasn't getting anything else. She was finicky no more.

My dad knows it was a mistake to let me eat all her food and should have put her food away for later, but I was a growing pup and the extra food didn't hurt me and Buttons learned quickly.
Duncan, CD,- CGN, RNMCL,- RACL,

velcro dog
Barked: Sun May 18, '08 9:56pm PST 
Ace: please watch how much cheese your mom puts in your food. Cheese is not the best for shelties, as they are prone to pancreatitis, and cheese is a helper for that.

Duncan was 1-1/2 years old, and weighed the same as he did when he was 6 months old. The same dish of food could last us 2-3 days (fed twice a day). I had to go out and find him a good brand of wet good (wysong) and add it to his food to make him eat. Once we got Lexi, the competition caused him to eat a bit more, but not quite like when we got Mila, who eats like she hasn't had a meal in days. And now that he is on phenobarb, he is "starving". When Duncan was a puppy, he wouldn't even take cookies in class, even though he hadn't eaten in days! He prefered attention, not cookies. We had to put 3 poundes on him (6.5lbs at 1-1/2 yrs old, to 10-1/2"lbs at 5 yrs old).

Some shelties are just like that. Find a good brand of wet dog food to add to the dry, mix right before eating, so they still get lots of crunchy for their teeth, and keep the amount small, cause shelties have a tendency to get fat!

Oh, please remember, before anyone lambastes me for starving my shelties, that they are only 11" and 12" at the shoulder, except Jayna, and no one skips a meal these days. Not with 4 around!