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Barked: Sat Apr 12, '08 8:30am PST 
HI, I am new here and am looking for some yorkie pals . blue dog
Sophia Eden

Barked: Sat Aug 2, '08 2:38pm PST 
Hi, I'm new here too! Wanna be pals?
Denver Scott- Bleu

Mr.- International
Barked: Sat Aug 30, '08 11:33am PST 
Hey I'm new here three...we should all be pals!


Barked: Wed Sep 3, '08 12:49pm PST 
I am new here four!

we all need to be pals!

we are all VERY adorable!

blue dog

Barked: Fri Sep 5, '08 4:15pm PST 
Hi Guys! I been here for a while but I want to be your pal, too!

Neli Beli
Barked: Sat Sep 6, '08 5:20pm PST 
im new here toooooo.........we should pal up! =)

Barked: Wed Sep 10, '08 9:43am PST 
Hi newbies, welcome!

We would love to be all your pals cheerhappy dance

Barked: Fri Sep 12, '08 9:58pm PST 
New too. Hi everyone!

Mr. I'll never- be- housebroken...NE- VER...
Barked: Wed Sep 17, '08 11:54pm PST 
Hi, I'm new here too!! We joined the other day...My names Baron and I'm a 9 month old Blue/Tan All Yorkie boy. I live in Lancaster, PA. I love to play, But, My 7 year old brother doesn't!! Do you like to play?? I'd love to be your friend!!! Baronblue dogsnoopyhappy dancehamster dance