Funny and Interesting Stories!!!

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Barked: Wed Mar 19, '08 8:54am PST 
Hi Dogue Lovers, Just for fun !!! Share some of the most funny and interesting stories you have about your Dogue De Bordeaux. Thanks in advance for your stories and have a great day!!!

Barked: Sun Jun 1, '08 9:29pm PST 
We picked my dogue up at an animal shelter. We have been looking for a dog perferably pits and my husband spotted a huge dog that seemed to love him.. So He called me up and asked if I would want a Dog for Valentines. He said this dog was everything I wanted so this dog became part of our family. Upon taking it home we decided to name him Colassus! We soon discovered that Colassus was severly abused. He would not move from the corner of the house and if you moved suddenly we would tremble with fear. For 2 months Colassus would not bark, I even accidently stepped on him.... Sorry boy! One day I camed home to have colassus greet me with a deep scratchy bark, Oh my goodnes I called my husband he barks! Colassus soon came out of his shell, he knew he was safe! The dog catcher was in the neighborhood shortly after that and spotted Colassus he cried" boldozer is that you" confused I questioned him and he asked if I had picked this dog up at the pound I agreed and he informed me that he originally picked Colassus up at a home that was neglecting him, Colassus had not been fed in awhile and parents were not in site, but there was a MASSIVE chain and padlock around his neck that he was dragging everywhere, so he rescued him and called him boldozer, This saddened me to think my poor puppy was not loved!
Well Colasssus is my baby and he knows it! I sometimes call him my old man because of his eyes and how he just loves being lazy.. Owning a Dogue is one of my greatest joys and I will never have a dog like him ever! He truly is one of a kind! Mans Best Friend!