✔ A head-count of all the Dogster Huskies ✔

This is a forum for bonding with your fellow Dogsters about the traits, quirks and idiosyncrasies of your favorite breed. Please remember that there are absolutely no animal sales or requests for studding or breeding allowed on our sites. All posts and interactions should be in the spirit of Dogster's Community Guidelines and should be fun, friendly and informational. Enjoy!

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☆ Nikaya ☆

&hearts Husky- Love &hearts
Barked: Sun Mar 9, '08 8:18pm PST 
I just thought this would be a fun way for all us Dogster Huskies to meet one another and keep up with how many of us there are. If you would please, just post here stating your name, the link to your page and any other fun info you would like all of us other Huskies to know about you. I'll start.

My name is Nikaya. I am a purebred black and white Siberian Husky with blue eyes. I love to run, jump, play, and pull. Oh, and I kind of like to sleep, too. I live in Virginia right now. I am an only dog right now but mommy says she would like to get another one like me. Well, that about does it for me.

Here is the link to my page:

Who's next???thinking

Barked: Mon Mar 10, '08 1:42pm PST 
My name is Nikki. I am a purebred Siberian Husky who is gray/black/white with blue eyes. I am a lovable, hardheaded (as most huskies), and lazy. I live in Blacksburg, Virginia. I have a pitbull mix brother named Marley whom I LOVE to harass into playing.
~Z~( In Loving Memory)

Life Is Only- Half Of It,- Heaven is Next
Barked: Thu Mar 13, '08 7:29am PST 
My Name is Z. I'm a Black/White Husky with Bi-eyed. I'm really sweet and I'm the ONLY pup named Z on Dogster!!!snoopysnoopysnoopy

Reno *adoptable*

single- &- adoptable
Barked: Thu Mar 13, '08 1:58pm PST 
I'm Reno and I am adoptable.
I'm a Husky & Samoyed mix, i'm very laid back but love to have fun, i love to go for car rides, and I am very lovable. I live in Milwaukee.
My page is http://www.dogster.com/dogs/734223

Barked: Fri Mar 14, '08 6:52am PST 
I am mishka, i am a pale red/ white colour, have blue eyes . everyone loves me, i will enjoy the occassional run with kavik with bike but prefer the easy life & try to rest as much as possible , mum calls me lazy!!!red face My parnter is kavik he is a handsome black/ white sibe with brown eyes. He loves to run , play & annoy me. He is a youngster still at 15 months.

Wanna Play?!
Barked: Sun Mar 16, '08 1:25pm PST 
My name is bunny and I'm part German Shepherd and part Siberian Husky. I'm 15 months old and I love to drive my mommy crazy! I love to jump on everyone and play in the field with my other doggie friends. My mom and dad are trying really hard to make me stop jumping on people and I don't understand why. Although I love people and am very affectionate, I'm also fiercely loyal and protective and will guard my home and parents.

Iam Fenrir Hear- Me Roar!!!
Barked: Sun Mar 16, '08 7:10pm PST 
My name is Fenrir and I'm a grey and white partial splash coat with ice blue eyes. I love walks and love to play in the snow. I live up in MN (Minnesota) where we get a lot of snow. Mom's getting me a little husky brother soon too. Yay!!! More toilet paper shredding!!!
Ooops....BOLlaugh out loud
Mingus, CGC,- R3GL

Barked: Mon Mar 17, '08 4:33pm PST 
'Sup, Sibes... my name is Mingus, and I'm a Husky mix. I look more like the racing dogs than a "standard" Husky, but everyone just thinks I'm a coyote. big laughbig laugh Besides my incredibly handsome face, I think my best feature is my awesome ears... they stand up tall, then flop over at the tips. My favorite hobbies are hiking, camping, digging, and running at superdog speeds.

Barked: Mon Mar 17, '08 4:37pm PST 
Hey everybody! wave

My name is Dottie, and I'm a Sibe/basset hound mix, what my parents call a "dangerous combination." I'm absolutely horrible on a leash, and I like to BARROooooOOOOoo like a hound dog, which always seems to make people laugh at me. I just came to my new home, so I'm learning all about "rules" and "boundaries." confused
Ocean- (1988-2001)

I smell- chocolate!
Barked: Mon Mar 17, '08 9:07pm PST 
wave Hi, my name's Ocean. I'm a red sibe-GSD mix with one blue eye and one bicolor eye. People always ask if I can see! BOL!!!! I'm also a typical hard-headed sibe. My hobbies are pulling Mom down the sidewalk, eating everything I can find and hanging with my Mal-GSD boyfriend. My two favorite things are kids and chocolate.
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