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Barked: Sun Feb 17, '08 10:05am PST 
Hello!!...I thought I would start a business selling personalized dog collars that has crystal letters of your dogs names on them but I dont have the time so now I have a room full of collars and no idea what to do with them. I am giving them away with 5 letters (first come first served) as long as shipping of $10.00 is paid (by check or money order, or paypal) . If you look online you can see these are sold for almost 3 dollars a letter and the collars go from anywhere from 10 dollars and up. If you want a picture of them or if you want one please email me at kandy94523@yahoo.com and I will send you a pic of the types of collars and charms that go with it. Only one per person please and I ship only to the US unless you want to pay more for international shipping .Thanks! Amethyst

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Barked: Mon Mar 10, '08 8:11pm PST 
Oh Girlfriend,
I really blew it! Do you still have your collars? I'm so sorry; my daughter had MRSA! and my son was ill; my ex hubby had a lung biopsy cos they found a mass (non smoker) and gee, it's just been fun and games, so you, I'm afraid, slipped through the cracks. I'm so sorry!

Excuses, excuses, right? Not quite; just reality; life; the real deal. I'm desperately trying to get a couple of business ventures off the ground (artistic) since I'm a single mom w/2 teens and I lost my job 364 days after I got it (the a**!!!! "let me go" so he wouldn't have to honor my contract) ONE DAY before my 6 year anniv. w/the co. Sooooooo uncool. That was LAST APRIL! shockconfusedcry

Whatta sob story; and since it's true, what a tragic sob story! shrug I'm either overqualified for jobs, or I'm looking at working at McDonald's..........which I CANT DO!!!!! I'm an artist trying so hard to make this all work out. It will; I've not a penny to my name, but I'm rich in spirit!

So I think I misunderstood your 'proposition', and unfortunately don't even have $10 bucks. I might scrounge for change, BUT! are they still available? Oh boy; just let me know and again, I'm so sorry! I'm dancing too fast and I've missed the plot completely. Off the rails I am!!! (BTW; I'm 52 so I'm no idiot; just a frustrated Mom).

Thanks, girlfriend, and let me know, k? rhonapage@comcast.net

Time to go to bed!