Barking at 3am in the crate..

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Barked: Thu Feb 7, '08 9:04am PST 
We have read many ways to get our dog Chewy to stop barking on this forum and tried almost all of them.

Standing in Front (he will continue to bark and try and walk around)
Say "Quiet": ignored
Congratulation and then toy: ignored
penny can: doesn't even phase him

I'm out of ideas.. I can sometimes whistle and call his name but when hes focused he just wont stop (especially when hes outside and sees someone/dog)

The biggest problem is his sister Mopsy . every morning at 3-4am she will bark and whine non-stop to get let out of her crate. At first we thought she just couldnt hold it and had to go out and she usually would but lately she just does it to get out of the crate because she knows we get up. We have to keep them in our room or else they will bark all night long.

I'm out of ideas with this barking issue. The potty training issue we had isnt fixed yet but is getting better. I don't trust them enough to leave them out all night yet.

PLEASE HELP! Im on my last straw!
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Barked: Thu Feb 7, '08 9:12am PST 
it sounds as if your issue is directly stated in your post.... that you do not have consistency. Consistency is the key to communicating with your dog. Many times, there is an "extinction burst" where the behavior becomes worse before it gets better. This is the moment that many owners give up and try another method.... only straightening the behavior they are trying to get rid of.

So... my suggestion is to pick ONE method... and stick with it no matter what. The answer needs to always be the same to the dog so that after a while, the dog will assume... and then the unwanted behavior will go away.

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ugh, I feel you pain! Henry has a history of doing this.

At first we thought he had to go to the bathroom, but then when we put him directly back in his crate, he barked, and barked, and barked....

If he starts to bark, I usually cover his crate with a robe, that usually quiets him the first time. However, if he wakes up later and barks (or it doesn't work) the ONLY thing that works for us is buying some ear plugs and powering through the barking. Sorry!

This does work...eventually. This past weekend he was with my parents, and I suspect was let out of his crate when he barked, because Monday morning at 5 am he would not shut up! However, I let him bark for another 2 hrs (on and off) until I was ready to wake up and low and behold, Tuesday.... he was quiet (and still has been).

It takes some major patience. My husband got up and slept in another room because I wouldn't let him take him out!

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try a citranella collar.Or a spray bottle but don't let them know it's coming from you.

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citronella collars are insanely expensive! We tried a spray bottle but it only works for about 10 minutes.

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i would definatly try covering his crate at night times-- molly will try to tease bailey at night time too, once he is is settled, he should be sleepy enough to fall back to sleep..especially if he can not see anything interesting

does he have a bit of exercise in the evening? lots of play time might make him tired enough to sleep a whole night