I Passed my Delta Exam today!

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Love me!
Barked: Sat Feb 2, '08 8:17am PST 
Mom is so proud of me! I passed my delta exam to become a 'pet partner' today! I was already certified as a therapy dog by our local organization, but today I passed the next step!

In celebration, mom stopped at burger king and got me a bacon, egg, and cheese crosanwhich (sp?). It's a good day today! smile

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Barked: Sat Feb 2, '08 10:50am PST 
applauseCongragulations!! And snoopy on the treat!! YUM!!
Sabrina- 2000~2012

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Barked: Sun Feb 3, '08 7:37am PST 
Congratulations, you'll be an awesome therapy dog!

*Sabrina sniffs around on the floor for dropped crumbs*


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Barked: Mon Feb 4, '08 11:35am PST 
Yay! Congrats!

*Augustin licks the carpet*
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Barked: Mon Feb 4, '08 9:37pm PST 
I am only a little puppy...so...I don't know what a delta exam is? I barley know where I am supposed to go pee - pee, but my owner says I will be a therapy dog someday and make very, very many children who are sad, happy, at least for a short time while I am with them. I am new, but happysnoopy

Love me!
Barked: Tue Feb 5, '08 1:52pm PST 
Thanks everyone! I was already certified through our local organization, but now that I have the Delta test under my 'belt', mom is going to try and get me into the local children's hospital program. I love doing therapy work because I get lots of pets and treats! What's not to like?

That trip through the Burger King drive through was worth it, too! YUM!!

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Barked: Sun Feb 10, '08 5:26am PST 
Congratulations! I have a been a Pet Partner for 5 years - it's quite an honor and my mommie says if my two footed brother and sister can't have an Ivy League Degree at least I have one - where will you do your work? We go to schools, nursing homes, libraries etc.
Patches CGC

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Barked: Sun Feb 10, '08 6:11pm PST 
way to goway to goway to goway to go
Congrats and 4 paws to you!
Kiona CGC

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Barked: Sun Feb 10, '08 6:17pm PST 
Congratulations, Bucca, that is wonderful!!!

(blocks the screen so my pups cannot see the words BURGER KING)
Ginger DSA- ThD TT CGC - &hearts

My Angel
Barked: Mon Feb 11, '08 2:05pm PST 
Congrats! I've considered doing the Delta test. I've already passed the TDI and TDInc tests although ironically I am not a member of either organization even though I passed their tests (TDInc because we were confused about their rules and waited too long, TDI because they would not let us join since we were members of several local therapy dog groups.)

Wait, are you saying that Burger King has more than milkbones? shock The couple times I've gone I only ever got a milkbone from the drive-through-person!
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