Do you have a partially/completely PINK NOSE?

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Barked: Sat Jan 12, '08 5:46pm PST 
Hello Everypup,
I am searching for doggies with partially pink/completely pink noses for my new group! It's a rather unusual trait, that is oftentimes avoided altogether, but we think it's FANTASTIC! So fantastic, that we created a group for other pink-nosed pups to gather together! Do you have a pink/partially pink nose, or know of a dog who does? Please send them our way! We want to show the community how cute we are, and how much we love pink noses! You can find a link on my webpage! Hope to see you there, and we hope you're all having a great weekend!
Barks and Lickies to you all!

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Barked: Thu Jan 17, '08 3:08pm PST 
Good Luck ! way to go

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Barked: Thu Mar 6, '08 11:07am PST 
Yep, Mom calls my nose a cow nose cause it's pink and black. My breeder said I'd end up with a completely black nose, but at 8 months I'm still sporting spots. Check out closer nose pics on my page! smile Katie

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Barked: Tue Mar 18, '08 8:16pm PST 
my nose is pink with black spots.
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Barked: Sun May 11, '08 7:37pm PST 
just got her have not got a name yet
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Barked: Mon May 12, '08 9:34pm PST 
Her name is Chelsea ! Almost was Chloe but my sister has one of those Ozzy Osbourne dogs thats about a year older with the same name ... I would love to hear some unusual and ez to say names for Danes

Barked: Tue May 13, '08 10:07am PST 
Chelsea here is a website you might like to visit for names