Mommy says THANK YOU !!

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Barked: Fri Oct 12, '07 9:06am PST 
Mr. Green, mine and Bear Doggie dragonfly furriend that keeps an eye on our moms on earth told us today that my mommy says THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY !! She loves knowing that Rover was greeted here at the Bridge by all the cats and dogs! She is comforted by the rosettes and stars and nice thoughts.
Mommy said it was easier for her with me because she knew I was sick but she just thought Rov was still mad at her for going on vacation to see daddy in August and leaving him with a sitter....Rover was that way.
Rov would normally talk the whole way to the doctor (in mommys lap of box). He was yell "Owwwww" but not yesterday. It was like he wanted to go. Mommy held him while he got his sleepy shot for surgery and they had had a long talk and mommy told him how much he meant to her and how much she loved him and how much she had enjoyed having him as a child. They had a very special bond because mommy had hand raised him even teaching him to take a bottle and do the stuff kittys do. He thought mommy was his REAL mommy.
Rover had stopped sleeping with mommy too but Wednesday night he came to bed for a while and laid with his head in her hand curled up next to her head like normal....I think he did it for mommy even though he didn't really feel like it.
Rov will be staying with me, Bear Doggie and the boys until he feels comfortable here....we have plenty of room. I think he will love Bushy and Frisky and he has plans to go with Fancy Pants to Bills for Barbeque soon too.
Again....Mommy says THANK YOU ALL !
LittleTail Wags,
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Barked: Fri Oct 12, '07 1:46pm PST 
Hugs from my mommy & family back with you. and welcome to the Bridge.

I know it made my mommy feel much better to talk here, with peopel who understand what your mommy & daddy are feeling.

pawpaw kisses to you.