Difference between an Amstaff and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier?

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Wasn't quite sure where to post this question... I'm definitely NOT on the market for another dog at the moment, but I was curious about this. I'm pretty naive when it comes to telling most smooth coated molosser breeds apart. =/

Is it just that one's from America and the other's from England, or are the temperaments and physical features different, as well?

Thanks all. smile

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Staffie s:

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Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the very small "pit bulls". They typically only weigh 20 or 30 lbs. They have very jovial personalities and the cutest little faces! I love them. They just exude happiness.

AmStaffs and Pit Bulls are a larger version of the Staffy Bull. I have trouble discerning the former 2 from each other, as I think most people do. I have heard things from "one is the show version and one is the fighting version" to "the AmStaff is larger than the Pit Bull".... I honestly can't tell the difference between those 2. But the Staffy Bull for sure is much much smaller than the AmStaff/Pit Bull crew.


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I agree, Staffies are smaller, and oh-so-cute!!!
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Difference between pit bulls

This link explains it to a T.

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Thanks so much everyone. smile Hershey, that site was exactly what I was looking for!