Now he has Red Mange, and Staff!! Whats Next!!

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Toby-aka-da- cuteness
Barked: Sat Sep 1, '07 12:08am PST 
My little baby Toby needs 2 be in everyones prayers, he is miserable right now. He went to the vet three weeks ago and he took one look and says, oh hes got a cass of scabies. Treatment (which was 90 Dollars) was going good for about a week. Then I noticed that something was creeping back up, so I wasnt worried much at first I just thought maybe the meds. needed some time. But during the second week it was still getting worse so I called and told my vet he needed to come in, so now on the third week I finally got him in. And he is telling me now that he no longer has scabies but it is demo mange with a cass of staff., which is expensive to treat, so I want yall 2 pray for me to, since I just turned 17, so its hard doing this on my own. I also see that it says that it useually reoccurs and that it is hereditery, and SOME people recommend him to be neutered, which really sucks since I wanted him to breed in a few months when hes around one, do you all think it is neccessary 2 get him fixed?? Or do you think I could prob. just treat him??

frown frown frown frown frown frown frown frown frown frown cry shrug

For ever in my- heart
Barked: Sat Sep 1, '07 1:31am PST 
hughughughugwishesToby we hope you get better
Vance CGC

You kids g'off- my lawn!
Barked: Sat Sep 1, '07 1:42am PST 
Get him neutered.

You should not be breeding a one year old dog, ever. If you do care about genetic disorders, and for the sake of any potential puppies I hope you do, you would have to wait until he's at least two to finish all the proper health testing. Maybe older, depending on what specific testing Shih Tzus may need... I don't know much about individual breed requirements.

Who were you planning to breed him to? Another one of your dogs? The female you have on Dogster will be too old by the time he's over 2 and health certified. If you think treating a skin issue for $90 is expensive, you're in for some serious sticker shock at the cost of caring for a pregnant dog and all the puppies.

Quiet seriously. I have a little Lhasa Apso staying with me this weekend. Whoever owned her first let her get pregnant, and when things started to go wrong they pawned her off on an unsuspecting family. Said family then had to surrender her to the hospital because they couldn't afford the $2000+ surgery she needed right at that moment to live. Don't just breed dogs because puppies are cute, or your dog is cute... It needs to be done right (and even then, sometimes things still go wrong).


If my snoring- bothers you wear- earplugs
Barked: Sat Sep 1, '07 2:43am PST 
Newman had a staph infection. The Vet told us that most dogs are able to get rid of it natually. However, Newman wasn'tfrown With the right medicine, and keeping the area shaved, Toby should be fine.

You can get- anything if you- sit pretty!
Barked: Sat Sep 1, '07 5:05am PST 
You should not breed a dog that has had demodex mange so bad, that is why good breeders will either surrender dogs with it or spay/neuter them right away.
I am in rescue and see a ton of demodex, most cases that we get are really bad and require a long time to treat.
Please get your little guy fixed as soon as he is better, you do NOT want to breed him!
Darby - C.G.C.

The Anti-Lassie
Barked: Sat Sep 1, '07 5:42am PST 
The dog has a hereditary condition, and you still want to breed him? Why, so you can produce a bunch of puppies that will also be susceptible to contracting Demodectic mange? Were you planning on telling the buyers of the puppies about this?

Barked: Sat Sep 1, '07 6:09am PST 
I just wanted to reinforce what everyone else is saying.

And seriously,
Why on earth would you want to breed a dog that has had mange. Especially when you said yourself, it is hereditery.

All you need is- love :)
Barked: Sat Sep 1, '07 7:40am PST 
Well. good luck in treatment, for starters...

BUT.... 1 year old is too young to breed, even if it is the male (IMO) and if it is hereditary, as you say... I think you should neuter as soon as possible. Breeding is supposed to improve breed lines, not continue with herediary medical dysfunctions....

AND, if this treatment is expensive for you, think about how expensive all the testing for genetic and health issues you need to do before breeding (if you want to be a responsible breeder) can be.

other than that... good luck with your treatments. I hope your pup gets well soon, poor guy sounds miserable...

Dirty Yeti
Barked: Sat Sep 1, '07 7:43am PST 
I'm sorry Toby is going through this! I'll be praying for him and hopefully his misery willl subside soon.

Please don't pass this illness to other puppies especially when proper breeding and raising is in the thousands of $$ (without unforthseen problems, which is a great possibility when there are hereditary problems). That's why reputable breeders, rescues groups and shelters require neutering before releasing pet quality dogs to the public. You may be a responsible dog owner and spend the money or finding a way to do so no matter what the cost, but there are alot of people that don't understand that adopting a dog is a commitment in health so they just have their pets put down when the estimates start rolling in. We don't need more pups euthanized in this world if it can be avoidable.

Give him a alot of love also. I believe that's a crucial part of the recovery process. Dahlia will be sending puppy hugs!

Raw fed since- '07
Barked: Sat Sep 1, '07 8:29am PST 
I wont get on to the neutering topic, but can you imagine little puppies with mange? frown

When kenya first came to us she had sarcoptic mange (canine scabies) and a host of other skin issues. They ARE all treatable but demodex mange is a HUGE pain and harder to kill. He NEEDS to have your vet help him get rid of them.
If you dont want it spread to your other dogs over and over again, it needs to be treated with prescription strength meds, and not over the counter stuff.

The staph infection is probably secondary from itching at the mites (poor boy), and I would seriously have the doctore help with that since it is HIGHLY communicable to humans and can actually kill someone with a depleated immune system (so if you visit anyone sick or ina hospital, make sure to change clothes and wash very very well)

Neither of those conditions should be treated at home.
good luck!!
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