Cockers With Epilepsy

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Sierra, Velcro- DOG!!!!
Barked: Mon Aug 27, '07 1:33pm PST 
Does anyone know anything about epilepsy as a result of hypothyroidism? Sierra's had two seizure-type convulsions today but they both came on quickly and ended quickly. Both were very different. The 1st she had time to come over and lay by my feet before it hit. She went rigid and although she responded to my moving to get to her and my voice, she couldn't move! Her muscles were totally stiff and twitching. She also moved her head from side to side the entire time. The 2nd was VERY quick. She was about to get up to walk over to me and collapsed. Her back legs kicked in the air, she was rocking back in forth trying to get onto her stomach, but was "stuck" on her side and back. She gave me this look, like she was scared to death and wanted me to help her. I read on a canine epilepsy website to place an ice pack on their back and not to put anything by a seized dog's mouth. Sierra's mouth stays tightly shut so I'm not afraid of her biting me! She's had a seizure once before when we lived in Georgia, but the vet blew it off to her having chills. My husband was home with her that time, so I didn't see what happened to her, and he said that she was so still afterwards he thought she'd died. This is the first time I've seen this happen to her and unfortunately can't get to a vet because I'm afoot. Help! Anyone that knows what to do in these circumstances, please help!
Shadow - (5/28/91-2/1- 7/06)

Spoil me!
Barked: Mon Aug 27, '07 5:02pm PST 
My Cocker Spaniel Shadow, had seizures. some lasted only a few minutes. He had one 2 weeks before past away and that one lasted 15 minutes. The vet gave him medication. He had one again 7 days before he past away and after that one he chased his ball. he started having seizures when he was maybe 7 years old. I just hope Tucker the Cocker Spaniel I have now willl never go through that.

Cha Cha Choxie- Dancer
Barked: Mon Sep 10, '07 12:33am PST 
I don't have seizures, but mom knows a few other dogs who have them. The vet gave them medication which helped a lot. Mom works with the human population and says that when humans have seizures, they aren't actually awake when they have them. If you have a scared look on your face, it is probably from the seizure and not because you are freaking out. The other pups my mom knows with seizures would know when they were about to have a seizure, and they would try to get as close to mom as possible. Once the seizure started, mom just let it run its course, and then she made sure the pups got plenty of time to relax afterward. Good luck with everything.