howyou found your frenchie

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Barked: Mon Jul 16, '07 5:30am PST 
Id like to get a frenchie female in about two years. Obviously I know a lot about branchicephalic breeds. However, it seems to me that there are tons of unscrupulous frenchie breeds our there. Several dogsters like sweet Clementine and Zeus have helped me out by giving me soem links to websites and some breeders. Im wondering if anyone else could tell me how they found their frenchie and if they were happy with their breeder/rescue?

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Barked: Tue Jul 17, '07 4:58pm PST 
BOL - i think i just responded to your other post with some ideas.
Yvie i got from the shelter. She was originally purchased from a petstore. I think she's a puppy mill pup

Barked: Fri Feb 15, '08 7:38pm PST 
I got Luna from rescue (the ONLY way to go, in my opinion) ~ however, it is very difficult to get a Frenchie from rescue (believe me, I tried several times and several rescues).
If you go to a breeder, make sure you research, so you go with someone responsible! There are a lot of Frenchies that are in rescue because of health or behavior issues that were a result of irresponsible breeding!!


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Barked: Mon Mar 10, '08 6:28pm PST 
Dory came to me from a local rescue group, but that happened from a search on Petfinders. February 27 is our 2 year gotcha.

I mean, really, who would shoot a french bulldog? She may be missing a wheel, but I have never known a dog to stop folks in their tracks like she can. (Most of 'em don't see the place where there is no leg.)

Now Pascal is here, he came from some friends I met at a Frenchie Meetup group here in Austin. Turns out they had a housefull of dogs, and since he is 7 now, they said he could come live in the country.

Keep an eye out on Petfinders, or make contact with the local groups. We have at least one Dog party a month! snoopy
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Barked: Thu May 8, '08 8:56am PST 
I was bought for someone for their birthday- not a good idea! After a few weeks alone in the basement for 12 hours a day, I was given to my new home. I was really bad at first because I didn't know how to act - I wasn't taught anything! Now I have a big brother named Bubba- he is a Blk. Lab, and I'm hardly ever without my humans. Plus, Bub is alot of fun to play with! blue dog

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Barked: Tue Jun 10, '08 1:25pm PST 
I got my two girls from a hobby breeder in Oklahoma. WWW.traink9.com

I research every dog I could and tried to rescue but was turned down. I would try to rescue first then look to a breeder. I will have pups in about 2 years!!!