How many Boxers!

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Barked: Sun May 13, '07 4:22pm PST 
Just curious. How many of you have had mulitple Boxers? Growing up we always had dogs/cats but when we got married eighteen years ago, we got our first Boxer, Roxie, ( I miss you sweet girl!!) Since then we have had a total of four, two that are still with us now. We are to get a third hopefully next wintersnoopy

Boxer Gentleman
Barked: Sun May 13, '07 6:57pm PST 
wave We have multiple boxers right now... and plan to keep at least two around from now on.

Boxers are like potato chips, you cant have just one!

Eve: aka Evil- Sidewinder
Barked: Sun May 13, '07 7:31pm PST 
well ...... i carry enough attitude for two boxers ........ but alas i'm the only canine in the family period . shrug there will be no additions to the family until i learn to ....... co- exist ....with them darn kitty cats kitty kitty but mommy secretly thinks i need a canine brother shh don't tell daddy eek sure would be neat to have a boxer bro. though .............. we could spar together. big laughbig laughbig laugh


lets box
Barked: Mon May 14, '07 7:14am PST 
okay mom says she always heard my grandpa when she was growing up talk about the boxer he had. He got stolen but she has wanted one for awhile. She is glad to have me. Dad was looking in the Kansas city star this week at the boxer pups. Who knows. Dad says we don't have the room for another one but he wants one like Houston and eve. we will have to see if I get a brother or sister. Mom hopes if he does that it is during the summer easier to potty training during the summer.
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Barked: Mon May 14, '07 12:01pm PST 
We have two boxers! I also hope to one day adopt a white boxer!!cheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheer

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Barked: Mon May 14, '07 12:08pm PST 
There was two of us until Kema, my sister passed on to the bridge. There are 3 dogs in the house right now so I don't think I will be getting a boxer companion. But hey, I'm enough boxer to get a dailys worth of boxer.

Buster- the newspaper isn't the best place to look for boxer puppies. A majority of them are all bred by backyard breeders. You should try a shelter because there are always homeless boxers or the MoKan boxer rescue. That and if your heart is dead set on a puppy go through the American boxer club.
http://www.midwestboxerrescues.com/rescues/MOKan/index.cfm/se ctiontitle/Missouri%20Kansas%20Boxer%20Rescue

lets box
Barked: Tue May 15, '07 6:54am PST 
hey rocco he was just looking. I don't think I will be getting any brother or sister any time soon. He does this to mom just get her hopes up beside if mom has her way I will be a daddy some day. And
that is where I came from was the pound. She just got lucky to found me.
Piper- Penlope

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Barked: Tue May 15, '07 9:30am PST 
Its me and my brother right now. But when we go to grandma's house we have had as many as five of us playing and woo wooing in the yard. Dad doesn't know it yet but mom has been paying way too much attention to the rescues lately....another brother for me???

The King
Barked: Sun May 20, '07 7:21pm PST 
In my family theres me and my little brother batman..theres also my sister Piglet but shes not a boxer shes a Trannslyvanian Hound..Who would of thought though she sure does act like one of the guys..But hopefully mom might get another one..Boxers are great