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Barney the- Snitch
Barked: Sat Apr 14, '07 2:42am PST 
Hello all,

My name is barney ( The Beagle) and My parents (Amy & Roy) just recently set me up with a new microchip form my doctor. They must really love me cause they don't want to loose me. It didn't hurt that much and after a day or so I don't feel it, but I know its there. All my brother Basset Hounds got one too. They are Gatsby (he's the big one that just lays around all day) then there is Bogey who is so grumpy. He keeps blocking the doggie door so I can't get in the house. And last but not least is Louie, He is my new brother and he likes to follow me around all day. I guess he thinks I'm his daddy cause we look alot alike. or he just respects me cause of my age. All in all Roy our dad he keeps treats around the house and he likes to give us them when we do something good especially when we all go outside for the bathroom. I think one of these days he will find out that we go out all the time but its just an excuse to get a treat, hope he don't find out.I hope you all have parents like ours they are so good to us.
Well thats it for now, I hope I got all this right its hard to type with these big paws of mine.
Bigs woofs & treats to all and have a nice day.

Eddie Essig- * Snoop- Angel

Snoops- are the- Poop!
Barked: Sat Apr 14, '07 3:15am PST 
Hi Barney wave, Welcome to Snoops! We're really glad to have you here. Hope to see you around for alot of fun. If you get a chance, check out Mike's ship .... Mike's our King and Jill's our Queen here. Anything you need or want, just bark and we'd be glad to help!
Fancy- 5/1994-8/29/- 2009

mrs. cushing
Barked: Sat Apr 14, '07 5:05am PST 
welcome Barney

Pepper of- The Rainbow- Bridge

I'm the boss!
Barked: Sat Apr 14, '07 5:52am PST 
Hey Barney!
You'll love it here! All of the Snoops are grrrrrreat!

Digger - Snoop Angle

Bounder - Moms best friend
Barked: Sat Apr 14, '07 6:31am PST 
Hey there Barney glad your here.snoopy

Barked: Sat Apr 14, '07 6:42am PST 
Welcome to Snoops, Barney. My brother Harry has a chip too. Hope we'll see alot of you around.

Beagley- Girl
Barked: Sat Apr 14, '07 7:05am PST 
Hi Barney! wave
It is good to meet you! I have a microchipp and so does my sister and we also get treats, just like YOU! I am jealous though, that you have THREE other hounds to play with and I dont! But I am glad that you are a snoop and we can be friends here!
Jill Of The Rainbow FSQ *PAWS

Always Listen- With Your Heart
Barked: Sat Apr 14, '07 10:45am PST 
wave Barney!!

It's a pleasure to meet you!! Come on in and enjoy your new friends and family. That's what we are here, FAMILY smile Your gonna Love It Here smile

hug Jill & Molly
♥Tori- ♥

Barked: Sat Apr 14, '07 11:22am PST 
wave HI Barney, Welcome to you and your family. I get a treat after I go to the bathroom too. My sister used to do the same thing go out just to get a treat (hehe she was a pretty smart dog). Glad you found us over here at snoops we have a lot of fun. Kisses Tori.

World Traveler
Barked: Sat Apr 14, '07 2:34pm PST 
wave Hi Barney. Welcome to the Snoops. I do the same thing to get treats too. My mom caught on though. She just kind of figured I didn't have to pee every 3 minutes. I keep trying though.
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