New jersey Dog parks,,

This is the place to talk about anything and everything dog related going on where you are or where you've been with your best furiend! All those who enjoy taking their dogs out gather here to share info on local dog-friendly places and find out about meet ups with other dog owners in your area! Check out Dogster Local for pet-friendly products and services in your neighborhood!

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Barked: Fri Mar 2, '07 6:59pm PST 
Okay me & Hugo go to the East brunswick dog park when the weather permits us to do so. It is very nice clean and spacious! There are 2 large areas,One for small dogs and one for big dogs. The park includes: Benches, A water fountain (for dogs and people) Doggie pick up bags,Fully gated area. The area is made up of Gravel some concrete,Grass,Trees and even a fake fire hydrant for the pups to use. Its is very nice!

So everyone who knows of good dog parks in New jersey...Post them below and some details for us to see.

We posted the park on dogster local smile

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Barked: Thu Mar 29, '07 6:29am PST 
This is not a very inspired posting but I thought it would be nice to share what I know with other New Jerseyans.

We live in Lawrenceville NJ and have a dog run at the Village Park. It is a run-of-the-mill dog run with poopie bags and a water fountain. Sometimes there are folding chairs! You can easily find directions by going to Google Maps "Find Businesses" and type "Village Park" and put Lawrenceville NJ as your location.

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Barked: Sun Apr 1, '07 6:35am PST 
Overpeck Park in North Jersey (Leonia) has both a small and large dog dog run. The runs are pretty basic, and parking is quite a walk to the dog run, but very convenient for me and Lucky's made some new friends there. smile


Barked: Sun Apr 1, '07 8:06am PST 
i go to to the miller airport dog park in berkeley, outside of toms river, nj. my mom says i have to get a job to pay for the gas to get there as it's 35 miles from my home, but she knows how much i enjoy playing with all the dogs, large park with separate areas for large and small, has attendant on duty at all times which is nice, nice park, tku you freeholders, next we want in southern ocean county cheer

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Barked: Mon Apr 23, '07 9:37am PST 
Hi everyone. smile I would like to know more about the dog park you mentioned, Kelly. Is it called Berkley Airport dog park? Can I google it that way? Since you are in Tuckerton, you may also be interested in checking out Freedom Park in Medford. It is not completely fenced in, but there are two huge fields that dogs are allowed to run around on off lead, and chase balls, and chase each otherlaugh out loud . It is a lot of fun.

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Barked: Tue May 29, '07 2:13pm PST 
It's not necessarily a dog park, but Ringwood Manor in Ringwood, NJ is a wonderful place. The grounds are stunning, tons of different trails and some more isolated areas to go swimming in. You could definitely make a day trip out of it if you wanted.

This site doesn't do the place much justice, but it really is a great place.

Barked: Wed May 30, '07 9:17am PST 
Mom used to take me to this dog park in Linden. It's right behind the airport, it's called Veteran's Memorial Park. Here's a link to it's location if you're curious: http://maps.yahoo.com/;_ylc=X3oDMTExNmIycG51BF9TAzI3MTYxNDkEc2VjA2Zw LWJ1dHRvbgRzbGsDbGluaw--#mvt=m&q1=linden%20airport&trf=0&lon=-74.239 619&lat=40.616738&mag=3
What's nice is that it has it's own parking lot, it's part of a complex-2 baseball fields and a small playground, so it can get kind of full. What's also nice is that it's BIIIIIG!!! laugh out loud Maybe I'll get mom to take me there this weekend so she can take pictures to show you all. It's got benches for the humans to sit, two inactive fire hydrants (silly, but cute) a dual water fountain for us pups and our humans, , poop bags (though usually they're not in the dispenser, sometimes they're just stuck on the fence lol) waste disposal and trash cans right outside the fence. What's not nice, and this can be my personal opinion, but there's hardly ever anyone there frown Now it's not bad when you just want to do some zoomies in a larger area snoopy but it can get pretty boring when you NEVER have anyone to play with when you go. We still go there sometimes, like mom took me there last weekend to work on my recall because...well, there was noone there! laugh out loud The area is just grass so you can imagine how messy it can get when the ground gets wet...the ground by the entrance gates gets particularly muddy just fyi.

We've started going to this other park in Jersey City that my mom heard about. It's located inside Van Vorst Park: http://maps.yahoo.com/;_ylc=X3oDMTExNmIycG51BF9TAzI3MTYxNDkEc2VjA2Zw LWJ1dHRvbgRzbGsDbGluaw--#mvt=m&q1=montgomery%20st%20and%20barrow%20s t%20jersey%20city%20nj&trf=0&lon=-74.046205&lat=40.718107&mag=1
Thi s one is alot smaller but it's still plenty spacious. This one is split 60/40 to seperate the small dogs from the larger ones. The larger side has a bench to sit but both sides have doggie water fountains. The ground is made of gravel so it's not too bad. The great thing about this park is that plenty of dogs come through there. It does have it's peak times like around 7pm and mom has taken me out because it was too overwhelming, but usually it's a resonable amount of dogs.

Sorry for the length but I tried to be detailed...it'd be nice to see some of you around cheer
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Barked: Thu May 31, '07 12:47pm PST 
Well you're all south of me, but in Sussex County there is the Wantage Dog Park (opened late last year) and they are attempting to organize one in a town bordering Wantage as well - Vernon.

It's a new concept here because I'd say a majority of people have yards and need convincing of the benefits of play and socialization of their dogs with other dogs.

I don't know how Wantage measures up to others around the state, but it's all we have and the dogs and their people absolutely love it. There's separate small and large dog areas. (I submitted the Wantage Dog Park to Dogster Local. In it, there's a link to the town's site with photos of the park.)
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Barked: Thu May 31, '07 12:50pm PST 
Kelly - we previously looked up the one you mentioned (there's one in Lakewood, too) which I think are part of Ocean County's park system. It says on OC's gov't page that you need to pay an annual fee to use the 2 parks. Did you need to? Do they check that? We'll be moving to Ocean County next year and would like to drive by next time we're in the county. Could Lucie take a test run, or it's strictly pay first?

Ginger, I added the Air Park's listing to Dogster Local a while back, I think I put a link to a page with a map and park details. Can't remember.

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Barked: Thu May 31, '07 9:22pm PST 
Where in Sussex County? We are in Warrwen county and something like that would b fun to check out.
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