How to punish a puppy

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Cinder- (Adopted!)

Better hide- stuff you don't- want chewed
Barked: Sat Jan 20, '07 12:10pm PST 
Hey there, Cinder is my first foster puppy.
He's about 4 weeks old and has started to try to growl and try to bite our faces. How can we punish him for this? He'sthe sweetest little guy ever, he jsut gets a little too wound up.

Barked: Sat Jan 20, '07 12:27pm PST 
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Marlowe, CGC

Barked: Sat Jan 20, '07 12:28pm PST 
First of all, I hope that little guy hasn't been taken away from his mom yet! That is way too early! If he is away from his mom, you have a huge responisbility to teach bite inhibition starting NOW because normally this is something puppies learn from their littermates. **edited** okay I see he's an orphan and being bottle fed. But this is something he would normally learn from his littermates, so you will need to stay on top of this behavior.

As soon as he tries to nip at your, immediately remove all attention from him and walk or turn away for 30 seconds - 1 minute. The "punishment" is the removal of your attention, which the pup wants. If he does actually bite you, squeal like someone just dropped a piano on your toe (really exagerated) and stop play and turn away.

Your puppy doesn't need punishment, he needs to be gently taught what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Redirecting him to an appropriate toy for chewing and playing when he tries to bite will also teach him that humans are not for chewing, but dog toys are.

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Barked: Sat Jan 20, '07 12:29pm PST 
We got Leia when she was 5 weeks and she was doing the same thing and we just kept telling her no... We also put her into her crate, only for like 5 min. but it really helped! It would kill me because she would cry but in the end it made her stop. Good luck! Puppies are so much fun!!!applause
Cinder- (Adopted!)

Better hide- stuff you don't- want chewed
Barked: Sat Jan 20, '07 12:45pm PST 
thanks Marlowe and Leia. I'm new at the whole puppy thing, so I really don't know much about puppy training and such. He is crate trained, but we are still working on paper training him. I've been trying to get him used to water, you would think with him being a lab mix and all that he would like water. Ha! He screams bloody murder when his feet hit the water, but he is a screamer to begin with. I have tried playing with him in the water, bringing his favorite toys in the water, and he just would rather be chasing my cats!
Anybody know how to get him used to water?

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Barked: Sat Jan 20, '07 1:51pm PST 
Hi-Well you already know that Cinder was taken away from his Mom way too young-but even if you had the pup from the proper age of 8 weeks old he would still nip and bite because thats what they do until they are taught otherwise-what the mothers do to correct the pups is grab them by the scruff and give them a firm shake. This is also done by wolf mothers in the wild.When your puppy goes to bite you just grab the scruff like his own mother would and say "NO!" calmly and firmly.

The thing here is that since Cinder was never corrected by his mother, you must make sure you do this, and make sure you praise the dog heavy for good behavior and teach the dog what is proper to bite-ie: toys, bones, ice cubes for teething etc.

Hope this helps!

mommys boy
Barked: Sat Jan 20, '07 4:13pm PST 
Ahhh Puppy Breathpuppy Everyone has givin you the right advice,
Hes such a little baby, what hes doing is just a part of puppyhood.
WHen you correct him tell him trade and give him something he
can chew on. Its going to take time. Good luck and if you have
anymore puppy questions this is the right place. Hes a cutie !
Ch. OTCh Miss Ginger's Fancy

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Barked: Sat Jan 20, '07 5:21pm PST 
Yeah, he is just being a puppy as well as exhibiting normal puppy un-weaned behaviors which his mom and littermates would have helped him along with. What you can do once he gets a little bit older and the behaviors continue is gently hold his muzzle in your hand and tell him calmly, "Cinder, no bite", or just a quick, "Ah!"
Also, it is important to remember that with puppies to never rough-house with them, as that only encourages nipping and play-biting and rowdiness.

Enjoy the little guypuppy

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Barked: Sat Jan 20, '07 9:10pm PST 
Ahhh...CJ that's not very good advice. I would never recommend 'scruff shaking' any dog, let alone a puppy. Dogs don't think of humans as their mom anyway, they know they are dogs and we are humans. (or whatever they choose to think of us as)

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Barked: Sat Jan 20, '07 9:24pm PST 
Echoing what everyone said--"punish" him by withholding attention if he gets growly or inappropriate; shriek like a banshee if he actually nips. Try not to think of it as punishment, though. Keep a mindset that emphasizes rewarding desirable behavior and withholding rewards (like attention) for undesirable behavior. Good luck; sounds like a challenging case!
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