Bad HUMAN behavior!!!

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Did you say- "Ball?"
Barked: Wed Jan 3, '07 2:14pm PST 
So, I can't make it to the offleash dog park and back. I can make it there, but not back. So, Steph decide to take us dogs to another park. A closer one that I can make it to, play around about on my long line, and make it back. Steph's nice like that. Pioneer Memorial Park, it's called. Dogs are allowed, so long as they're on leash. Length not limited, you just need control over the dogs. So she brought along her 10 foot training lead, and a carabiner, and planned on making a 2 dog leash sort of thing. Anyway.

She walked both of us dogs there on our regular 6 foot leads. A woman of maybe 55 comes up to us and says "Do they bite?" "No, they're friendly" she said, thinking she's a smart, nice, friendly woman herself. So she comes over, sits on the ground, and pulls me over to her. BY MY COLLAR. I, being my stubborn self, is sniffing the ground and not paying attention, so the woman wraps her hand around my muzzle and points my nose towards her face. It really hurt! "Please don't do that" steph said. "Ohhhh but she's so friendly" "Not when you force her to do things she doesn't want to!" "ok" so she lets go of me, and moves onto my brother Cowboy. "Sit" she says. He doesn't. "SIT" she says louder. No dice. So she grabs his collar HARD, shoves his butt on the ground. "I told you to sit" So she pets Cowboy (rubbing his hair the wrong way, btw) and mumbles baby talk. Steph was like "Come on guys, lets go get a drink of water" because I was thirsty. So the lady goes, "Awww" and grabs me by the sides of my face and sort of pulls them foward and back! So, Steph stands up and we dogs follow excitedly, thinking we'll get away from the crazyness. But no! She follows us to the water fountain!! And THEN it gets worse. She puts her hands on Steph's back, sort of smacking her, while she was at the water fountain, saying "I'm going to get your mommy! I'm going to get your mommy!" I was SO ANGRY. I thought Steph could defend herself, so I didn't show off just yet. "Please don't do that" Steph said "I want to see what they do" "They'll get mad" So as if on cue, Cowboy, who'd been hiding under the water fountain with his tail between his legs, bares his teeth and growls a little. Steph said "Get your hands off me right now" And so she does. And starts jumping around. And shoving her hands in my face, sort of like she's boxing me with open hands, but not making contact. Cowboy growls more, and raises his hackles, and I decided to raise her hackles and growl as well. The lady KEEPS DOING IT. "Ma'am, if you don't stop right now, I'm going to cross the street to the police station" Steph said, far more calmly than I would have. "They won't bite me!" "Yes they will!" "You said before they didn't bite!!" So we start walking away, seething, and she sort of gets the point. But then, as we're almost out of the park and Cowboy's calmed down, she runs up from behind and pulls my tail!! I snapped, and comes thisclose to making the womans face into lunch. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?" Steph yelled. Since she was yelling, Cowboy was scared, and he rolled over and peed himself. She goes "I was just playing with them." "Playing, my ***!" Steph turned away and told Cowboy "it's ok, up" and he gets up. His back legs are quivering, and his stomach is covered in pee. I was so scared for us, and I felt so sorry for Cowboy! I was growling my head off, puffed up like a little porcupine. The lady just wanders away, and we leave; dumbfounded, terrified, and angry, the three of us all are. We're all fine now. It took Cowboy a minute or so to calm down, and it took me about 10.

Who does that!?

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Khola- CDX, CGC

R plus and- paitence what a- shocking idea
Barked: Wed Jan 3, '07 2:20pm PST 
seriously.... I think this woman was mentally handicapped.
I don't think anyone with a right mind would do that. Apparetnly her handicap was not obvious. So lucky that wasn't me. She would have had punctures for sure.
♥Lenn- on♥

How could you- not LOVE this- face???
Barked: Wed Jan 3, '07 2:23pm PST 
I'm soooo sorry you had to deal with that...that lady was crazy!!! Who in their right mind would do that to someone else's dogs after repeatedly being told to leave them alone..

♥- Brody- ♥

Got ball? Will- fetch!
Barked: Wed Jan 3, '07 2:28pm PST 
It sounds to me like she may have had some sort of mental illness frown She just wasn't demonstrating very rational behavior. You did the right thing by trying to remove yourself from the situation. Hopefully you won't encouter her again...

Dog is my- co-pilot
Barked: Wed Jan 3, '07 2:42pm PST 
She may not be mentally ill at all. She might have been trying to get your dog to bite her. There are people called dog baiters, that basically use body language and eye contact in a menacing way so that they get bit by your dog, then they can sue you. What a happy world!

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I've been on- more laps than a- napkin!
Barked: Wed Jan 3, '07 2:47pm PST 
You might have to practice your game face aka war face. Kind o f like the 'I mean business' demeanor. Don't be afraid to simply tell someone to back off or to leave your dogs alone. You have every right to and its all part of defending your pack. "Lemme see your war face!"

I havent had someone like that come across my path yet, but I've had plenty of drunken people want to pet Tania and what not and I simply tell them not right now deadly serious and they back off.

Barked: Wed Jan 3, '07 2:49pm PST 
Holy cow, I think you might be right about the woman trying to get the dogs to bite. I will have to watch for this if we ever go to a dog park (none in Rock Springs) We have such a sue happy society, people will do anything.
Minnie- ♥

Simply Lovable!- <3
Barked: Wed Jan 3, '07 2:51pm PST 
Oh good lord! Is she doing some outragous behavior test or what!? Don't worry... I would've been just as ticked off. That is just not right.

Let's have a- party :) !!!
Barked: Wed Jan 3, '07 2:52pm PST 
I am so sorry you and your puppies had this happen to you. This person had to have a mental issue or be a dog baiter, which we've hadn't heard of before. This is very sad!

if i want it,- it's mine
Barked: Wed Jan 3, '07 2:55pm PST 
next time someone like that comes up to you grab your cell, if it is a picture phone, and snap a photo of their ugly mug in case you need to press charges. even better if your phone can tak short video deffinately take some footage of what they are doing for evidence if you need it.

i think, if it had been me, and someone was messing with Diesel like that after i told them to back off that i would have messed up their face, but i'm very protective. it's kinda like someone coming up and pinching your kid's face hard to make them cry, it's just wrong. good job on keeping your cool and not doing what i surely would have done!
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