Well Hey!!!


Raring To Go
Barked: Sun Sep 17, '06 7:11pm PST 
Hello fellow Chowder Collies! I apologize for not coming around as often as I should. I was searching for a job, and then I was settling into my new job, and anyway, I hope everyone is well and I just want to take this opportunity to welcome our latest members; McGee, Pooch, and Hutch.

Hey McGee, you and Bear are a lot alike, you hate the "Carpet Sucker!"

Pooch, you and my Bear could be twins!

And Hutch, our newest member, what an adorable pup you are. Bear and I can't wait to get to know you and we look forward to watching you grow!

So fellow Chowder Collies, please pop in and say hi and help me welcome our new members!

Shanna & Bear

So I'm a Chowder- Collie - get used to it
Barked: Wed Sep 20, '06 8:10am PST 
Hey Bear, welcome back. It is a bit of work finding and getting used to a new job - my Dad has been there, done that. Yes, I certainly do hate the rug sucker! I won't stay in the room with that thing when it is on and Dad gets a chuckle when it is off - I keep looking around the corner to see what it is doing. I will only come back in if it doesn't move for about 15 minutes. I just loathe and detest that thing.......grrrrrr!