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My new name: - SUPER GLUE
Barked: Wed Aug 16, '06 8:37am PST 
Folks, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is not good.

There is not much support in the world of dogs regarding the killing of deaf Dalmatian baby pups.

As far as that goes, there is not that much support right here on DOGSTER.

On August 2 Lucia posted the Dalmatian situation
along with a petition link to stop this horrific crime.

The Petition has a goal of 3,000 signatures. Very modest, if you ask me.

Now, I'm not so sure. Even this moderate goal may not be reached by the Oct.4 deadline.

I signed the petition Aug 3. I was 1,737.

As of this morning, 8/16/06, there are 1,821 signatures.

There were 156 replies to Lucia's post.

If, on Aug 3 there were 1,737 signatures, and if you add the 156 replies to Lucia, you can see not everybody who read about this signed the petition.

This doesn't bode well for a successful petition.

It certainly is not going to have any effect on the Dalmatian Club of America.

Looks like they are going to get away with it.

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Play with me!- Play with me!
Barked: Wed Aug 16, '06 8:47am PST 
There was a post for this a while ago and many of us did sign. the thread stayed up at teh top of this forum for about a week... And we've also written to the DCA, and passed teh petition along to others who are not on dogster.

Thanks for the reminder--there may be some who didn't see that thread. But rest assured, there IS support here on Dogster!!!

Loved Furever
Barked: Wed Aug 16, '06 9:18am PST 
Where is the petition link?


My new name: - SUPER GLUE
Barked: Wed Aug 16, '06 9:32am PST 

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/321727584?l tl=1154633365

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Barked: Wed Aug 16, '06 9:55am PST 
My She signed. I will say though, that finding the right petition was difficult as I don't think it was listed right on the forum, anyway, we managed.

I Might Be Small- But I Have It- All!
Barked: Wed Aug 16, '06 12:19pm PST 

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Save a Life &- Rescue
Barked: Wed Aug 16, '06 12:42pm PST 
Just signed the petition. This is a different one than the one I signed a week or 2 ago. I too had to hunt for the petition due to an error in the link and found one with the same type of content. I also contacted HSUS, IDA, ASPCA and PAWS. I have written emails to my California Senators and Representative Sam Farr. I think calling your officials is a great tool. I am sure they all know me well. Keep checking your petition and if signatures slow down, repost on dogster again. Don't give up!

I wanna play!!!
Barked: Wed Aug 16, '06 1:08pm PST 
I just double checked and I did sign the petition from before. smile

I am the- Dreamsicle-you- may kiss my nose
Barked: Wed Aug 16, '06 1:52pm PST 
Ok-I have to say this and it won't be popular, but your petition is WRONG! The breed was not bread to be deaf so as not to hear the sirens. I feel like you are now blaming firemen/women for the deaf dal and continuing the myth that it is their fault.

I have no problem in signing a fact based petition, but to highlight and acuse firemen of being the blame...and so close to 9/11. Just makes me beyond mad. I posted info before about the ties between dals and fireman and the myths. There are many very creidble sites to visit to get the story straight. Try this one to start- http://www.centervillefire.com/Dals.htm.
And Dals weren't helpful to a firehouse if deaf-they are the ones who heard the alarm and got the horses "riled up and ready to run" so the men could get to a fire faster, they often slept in the stable as guard dogs and companions to the horses that pulled the pumpers. A deaf Dal would have slept through the call-not much use to that. Dals were bred to be carriage dogs and were around for many years before becoming the firehouse dog. Don't toss the blame for a lot of deaf Dals on the feet hardworking firemen. To me a large chunk of blame goes right to the breeders who wanted to cash in on the popular 101 dalmation craze and didn't check the dogs medical history to see if they were from a line that had deaf pups. The almighty dollar has far more to do with this than the siren that calls firemen to action.

Sending a petition that has false statements highlighted on it, will not get the group to change it's mind. A well researched, well thought out petition would have more of a chance of going somewhere. I am calming down a bit, but I would urge you to contact the club with researched facts on the breed, facts on placement of deaf dogs, and rehab of deaf dogs-show them that they may have overlooked some facts and maybe they will rethink the position. If you send them a petition with false statements, that is written in the heat of the moment and has a judgemental tone, I wouldn't expect them to do more than toss it.

Katie's Mom
A Fireman's Wife

Loved Furever
Barked: Wed Aug 16, '06 1:53pm PST 
I will sign when I get home today. Can we contact the ASPCA or PETA (I know they're coo-coo for the most part, but any publicity to get the petition signed), and ask them to place a link on their websites to the petition?
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