Where to buy cute dog collars & clothes??

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Barked: Sat Jul 22, '06 3:14pm PST 
My doggy just broke our favorite leash&collar today while we went out shopping! So I'm looking for some good deals out there and planning to do some clothes shopping for Honey too! Any promotional codes for pet sites and does any of them have sales? Suggestions? Thanks !! (:
Daisy Mae

Barked: Sat Jul 22, '06 4:38pm PST 
We really like pampered paws boutique .com and Target sometimes has good deals as well.

Barked: Sat Jul 22, '06 6:54pm PST 
We buy most of our stuff from milliondollarmutt.com. Their prices are pretty reasonable, and they always send Daisy free samples (YUM!) when I order!


Barked: Sat Jul 22, '06 6:57pm PST 

They have some real nice collars!

Barked: Sun Jul 23, '06 1:14pm PST 
Try our site we have a large selection of clothing and collars

Run with that- wobby like you- stole it.
Barked: Tue Jul 25, '06 5:33am PST 
Check out my moms site
ANGEL Peggy- Sue

Pretty Pretty- Pretty - Pretty...Peggy- Sue
Barked: Tue Jul 25, '06 7:44am PST 
My darling daughter Molly works as a salesdoggie at the boutique below. Wonderful people and cool shops (2 locations )
They have some things online- Wish they had more online- We order from them online and they are nice to help by phone when we don't see what we need, but know they probably have it.

Definitely Dog Lovers, these folks~

Peggy Sue & Holly too!


Smarty Bean
Barked: Tue Jul 25, '06 3:20pm PST 
Try www.fortunepet.com. They have leash and harness set for only $3.99. And a lot of great price dog clothes. Hope you will find what you are looking for!

Barked: Tue Jul 25, '06 8:22pm PST 
I shop at amazon.com. They have a big selection of dog clothes, collars, leashes etc.

Barked: Wed Jul 26, '06 3:42pm PST 
oh my god! (: yay we've finally found the website we were looking for, thanks for giving us the website again Bean! My mommy accidentally lost the website cause she deleted some of the bookmarks and she unfortunately deleted the website to the dog clothes too frown thanks so much again Bean!! mommy says thank you too!

I love the doggy clothes from fortunepets.com they are adorable, some what like the ones they have on those cute japanese dog clothes books they sell here in SF japantown. (: And their clothes arent expensive at all, designed well too :p

Thank you so much everyone for your help!!
Going to get started buying clothes and get a new collar&leash!
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