My BossMan


Barked: Sat Apr 29, '06 7:47pm PST 
Can You Believe My Boss Was The Last One Chosen Out Of A Litter Of 8....He Was The Only Tri Color....No One Wanted Him....I Think I Got The Best Of The Bunch....He Is So Gentle And Quiet....But He Is Deadly With That Wiggle Butt He Can Knock You Down With It ....Hee Hee

Easy breezy- cover girl style
Barked: Sat Apr 29, '06 9:06pm PST 
He sure is handsome! I guess those people will never know what they missed out on!

Puppy Power!
Barked: Sun Apr 30, '06 8:00pm PST 
Charlie was the "last of the bunch", too. It seems they are always "left" for a reason - for us! big grin


Outside fun,- inside not so- much ;)
Barked: Mon May 1, '06 8:32am PST 
I have a blue merle only because the tri was already sold! I love tris I think they are awesome! But so are the merles! Well all Aussie rock! Even Aussie mixs are fun!