How to stop deaf dog from barking

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Bad Boy Crew
Barked: Sun Apr 2, '06 9:33am PST 
Hello All,
I own a deaf white boxer and he seems to bark every morning starting at 6:30. i normally get bup a couple of times to tell him hush in sign language but it does not work. The vet said get the collar that sprays the citrus up in his face but he is so sensative to things. He breaks out into hives if he eats a bug! So does anyone have any ideas. We have tried obidence school the instructor got do frustrated because my dog was deaf. I just don't want my neighbors hating me. Any help would be great!
Thank you
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Barked: Sun Apr 2, '06 11:04am PST 
I know that with some of the spray collars, you have to refil them.. so why not just put water in it? Would that work? (we don't have one of the collars, but a friend of ours does). Is it anxiety-related barking? You could look into having him see a behavior professional.

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Try a squirt bottle with water in it. We use it on our fosters as a deterent to bad behavior, and they usually pick it up pretty quickly. Sometimes a squirt in the mouth or chest (or we've had a few who really disliked having their feet squirted, go figure!), gives them the message pretty quick, and the water won't hurt him any.

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Barked: Sun Apr 2, '06 11:16am PST 
This can be a difficult situation to overcome, do you know what he is barking at? Does he do this at other times during the day, or just in the morning?

My deaf dog barks out the window frequently, because she is visually over stimulated. Sometimes it is at nothing that I can see, but mostly it is a neighborhood cat or dog, and of course those silly birds that must fly by her house!

We have very successfully used the citronella collar to stop the barking. If this will not work due to his sensitivity, there is a vibrating collar made by PetSafe (model number PVPP-300, www.petsafe.net). This is NOT a shock collar, it only vibrates. The collar works with a remote control, so you would push the button to vibrate the collar when he is barking. I have a document on how I trained Kenzie using this collar that I can send you if you P-mail me your E-mail address. I do not use this collar for barking issues, but I think it would work fine.

The best thing of course would be to find out what he is barking at - if there is a neighbor who walks by every morning with their dog at this time for example, you can work with him to desensitize him to that event, but if he reacting to a variety of things, something like the collar will work to control barking in all different situations. I think the important thing is to use a sign or device specifically to communicate "no barking", so he is clear on what you are expecting.

Best of luck.

Bad Boy Crew
Barked: Wed Apr 5, '06 1:45pm PST 
Thank you all for the responses he barks at the vent or the other dog in the yard that is just laying there. I have tried the squirting thing with the water and he will start a few minutes later. I am just so tired I can't sleep and I know that sounds selfish of me but I just get so mad and yelling wont do anythign cause he is deaf. I will try all these things thank you if anyone has anymore advice I will gladly take it.