Never Shave a Springer?

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Barked: Wed Feb 22, '06 5:56pm PST 
My mommy was reading in a magazine that a springers coat should never be shaved as it will never grow back the same. Is this really true? She is sure that the groomer of doom that gave me a horrible hair cut during the summer did without telling my mommy before she did. THe groomer of doom gave me an uneven cut and left one eyebrow on and shaved the other. Luckily now I go to a groomer that does show dogs so she knows how to properly groom a dog. She only uses clippers on my whiskers. We were also told by someone that I shouldn't get the "springer" cut, to just leave it all even. I am definately field bred but my mommy likes the looks of a "springer" cut. I get bad cowlicks on my head if she lets my hair grow too long. She doesn't mind it when it parts down the middle though. Another thing I rarely get matted (unless there's something it my hair) and am not regularly brushed. Is this common? People have asked how she keeps my ears looking so nice and clean (unmatted) but I don't have to do anything. I uses a water bucket so after eating I wash the tips of my ears when I drinks BOL. My ears are now quite long and so it the hair sticking off the end of my stubby tail. I'm a little waggle butt.

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Barked: Wed Feb 22, '06 6:18pm PST 
frequent shaving can soften a coat, which can be bad for working/field dogs. most show Springers don't get shaved but get more like a hand stripping down, mostly to smooth the coat out. if your mommy wants you in a Springer cut(with the shaving) and you're simply a companion dog then it is completely up to her. my mommy knows what you mean when you say you don't need to be brushed to stay mat free, thankfully all of us spaniels don't either(when she lets our hair grow). it just depends on your coat and it sounds like we just got lucky!

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i know that with Jack Russell Terriers you should never shave the coat because it becomes soft, and it looses its wirey texture.


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If you shave your Springy then most likely his jacket will come in a it softer than if you werent to shave him. If you shave his feathering off it will grow back.

With sporting breeds that have feathered tails, like Setters, if you shave or cut their tail feathering then it will never grow back to be as long as it first was.
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Barked: Mon Feb 27, '06 5:14pm PST 
Topaz I don't have to worry about my tail being trimmed because I don't have anything more than a stub. I have a few inches of hair sticking off my stub that the groomer is instructed to leave alone. The feathering on my underside seems to be growing in awfully slow. It is a little on the thin side and shorter. The groomer trimmed it last summer when she was suppoed to leave it. My coat is very soft to begin with. Liver/White tend to have a softer coat we read. My mom also uses (doggy) conditioner from time to time on me. We might wait a few more months before going to the groomers again. Let me grow long the rest of this winter since it has gotten so cold and have it trimmed after the warm weather gets here.
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It is true that when you shave a springer or any dog the coat will not grow back the same. Usally you would not shave a show dog's back because of this reason but, if you are going to keep the dogs hair shaved and you don't have a problem with it then shaving your pet is ok.
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I'm a retired show springer and I showed until I was 9 years old. Usually on the jacket (the coat on the back) is hand stripped to maintain proper coat texture. The head (minus the ears, which are shaved a third of the way down, and the whiskers) is hand stripped as well, leaving a crown on top of the head. Now that I am retired, however, mom shaves my jacket and gives me a false skirt. Keeping up with a show trim is hard work and usually the jacket is handstripped daily to maintain it laying flat to the body. It takes a well seasoned SHOW groomer to groom a dog with a show trim. Research groomers in your area and find out their credentials if this is the trim you like. Also, just because a groomer does show trims on different breeds, it does not mean they can properly do your dog's breed, so ask them their specialty. Hope this helps!
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It is true that if a dog is shaved the fur may not grow back properly...

I know what you mean about not matting. I think it may be because you are a field type dog and so your fur texture is such that it wouldn't be a mess if you were out in the field all day (because of breeding...)
I am a field type Golden and I have the same thing-- even if I don't get brushed for a long time I never get any mats in my ears or anywhere else... Burrs also just slide right out of my fur (except the feathering where it's long enough to wrap around the burr) because of the texture... I also have nice fur in general--people are always commenting on how nice my fur is and asking if I just had a bath even if it's been a while since my last bath!

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Hi, wondering if anyone can help me. I have always had dogs and I enjoy grooming them, but I have an English Cocker Spaniel and her coat is so unruly and it matts all of the time. I brush her with different brushes every day but it tangles really bad. It isn't like dog hair, it is like cotton wool. I do shave her in the summer as it gets hot here ( Australia ), but I love the long coat. Are those detangler sprays any good? I love her so much but her coat is terrible. Any help is great...Pat