Standard Poodle grooming .. new adoption

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We are in the process of adopting an almost two year old standard poodle. Thor is currently staying with a relative as we work toward picking him up next week. We have lived with dogs for years but never an SP. No "foo foo" cuts for us but we do want to groom appropriately ... he was "shaved" before he moved to our daughters house. The website info about grooming SP's is confusing. We do know that we should groom almost constantly and regular trips to the "barber shop" are a very good idea as is "ear plucking" by someone who knows how.
Recommendations for daily grooming, please. Particularly what sort of grooming utensils.

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congratulations on getting a Standard Poodle. I groom Black at home on my own. I might not be the best for answers but a lot of people do not come to this forum. You could try posting in grooming forum for more answers. I am not great at grooming every day it is time consuming. I usually keep Black trimmed short. I have never had bad knots I could not deal with. The best thing I can say is get a good spray on conditioner it will make all the difference. I groom Black usually on the face and paws and part of tail with a #10 blade. I also use a #10 blade for a sanitary clip also. His body I use a #7 blade but would prefer a #5. This makes a nice sporty clip that is manageable. I usually use a slicker brush and metal comb to keep Black looking nice and tangle free. If his hair gets too long the slicker brush though just goes over the top and knots form underneath I learned this from experience so also use a comb to make sure you get any mats that start forming. Black is prone to ear infections. I keep his ears plucked. I have some curved hemostats that I use to get a good grip on the hair deeper in the canal. I just use my fingers for the easy to get stuff. I also use a little flashlight to make sure I pull only hair and do not hurt him. Also do not grab too much hair at once as it will hurt a lot. He recently got a deep clean from the vet and I found I am not using enough cleaner in his ears enough of the time. I have been told by his vet to be using a ear cleaner 2 times a week but he has severe infections. If he did not I would probably do it maybe once a week. Poodle's are a lot of fun and worth the effert to keep them groomed. I hope you enjoy your new dog when he comes.

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my standard poodle was getting frequent ear infections and the new vet (old vet kept selling me ear cleaner and prescriptions - got tired of that) recommended changing his food to a limited ingredient food with red meat - no more chicken, duck, turkey. I did this and ear infections went away, as did most of the salivation stains that he had around his mouth; and his eyes no longer teared and stained (my dog is silver). then we had a bout with gas and some other GI issues and I moved to a grain free red meat formula food and that took care of the gas and whatever salivation staining he had. My boy does seem to have a sensitive stomach and I need to be careful of some kibble that appears to be too rich for him - good foods but too rich. Try lamb, venison or beef formulas but make sure there is no chicken of any sort including chicken meal.