wont go to the bathroom on a leash!

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I adopted my two year old standard poodle about a week ago. She came from a breeder who retired her as a breeding dog. She lived outside with all the other dogs, and is not used to being an inside dog. She is adjusting wonderfully, and is a little angel. The only problem is that she will not go to the bathroom while she is on a leash. We have a little grassy area behind our house, so I let her go off leash there while I am supervising her because she listens to me. She will literally hold it all day if she doesn't get an opportunity to go to the bathroom off-leash. This has not been a major problem yet, but I am going away in two weeks and my dad is going to take care of her for a few days. I do not feel comfortable with anyone else letting her off-leash since I do not have a fenced area. I do not know how to brake her from her weird bathroom habits. Any advice?

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Desmond CGC

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Hmm, that is pretty strange! I would work in baby steps, I guess.

Whenever you let her off leash to potty, follow her around (as if she was attached to a leash). When she potties, give her a treat and praise for pottying with you there. Move up to attaching a lead to her collar but letting it dangle, and see if she potties with it just attached. If she does, treat and praise praise praise!! (: Do it each time she goes out to potty, get her used to the fact of having a human next to her while she potties. When she can go with the leash attached, follow her around again and move up to holding onto the leash while she's out.
That's what I would do, anyway. Good luck!!

(Perhaps, if she is uncomfortable with a person being there while she potties, you could try a flexi lead? That would give her the freedom to move about but without the risk of being off leash. )