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Canine Good- Citizen &- Therapy Dog
Barked: Mon Mar 8, '10 12:49pm PST 
I am looking to get a Standard Poodle. I had an Australian Cattle Dog that was a therapy dog and I would like to train the poodle for this purpose. There was a standard poodle in the class I took my dog to and I loved it. My aunt and uncle own toy poodles and I like everything about them but want a larger dog than that.

Anyway, onto my real question, what do you think of Marquis Standard Poodles (not Marquis Diamond) in Richmond, VA? Here is their web link:

What about Adagio Standard Poodles in Chesapeake, VA?

I would prefer to buy one from somewhere in Virginia, Maryland, or North Carolina instead of shipping. Anyone know of any good breeders in these areas?
Tintlet Destin Parfait (Tripp)

Barked: Mon Mar 15, '10 5:03pm PST 
Both sound decent to me and worth investigating further. Reseach health backgrounds on http://www.phrdatabase.org/ and confirm testing on http://offa.org/index.html Breeding Standards should be cleared on hips, eyes, thyroid, addisons, VWD, SA, known history of bloat and epilepsy... for more info visit http://poodleclubofamerica.com/health.htm
Tripp is from NC: http://www.tintlet.com/index.htm Gloria may be able to refer you to other good breeders in the area too.
Central Carolina Poodle Club may be a useful resource as well. Or another local breed club. Check UKC clubs too. And visit shows - The UKC Carolina Classic is coming up. Check show schedules at http://www.ukcdogs.com and http://www.akc.org
Good luck!

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Joey the- Enforcer.
Barked: Sat Jun 19, '10 1:54am PST 

I'm looking for a Standard Poodle myself- I hope to get one next spring. For now, I'm doing as much research as possible on breeders, poodle genetics, breed history, etc. The vipoodle website has given me a good starting place to help me with my evaluations of breeders, and it may help you as well (though you did post this in March, so the point may be moot, now).

I've only been researching this for a few weeks now, but my current conclusions are thus:

Looking at poodle color genetics (and disease genetics) is helping me figure out which breeders actually know what they're doing. At the moment, I'm leery of breeders that seem to be tangling up the color genetics of Poodles. Breeders that don't seem to express an explicit goal/purpose for breeding their poodles give me pause.

I've also read up on the so-called 'doodles,' and I've automatically ruled out any breeders that intentionally produce these dogs. Their production of 'doodle' or '-poos' seems to be a marketing fad, as F1 crosses between poodles and other breeds can't reliably predict anything about the offspring.

You'll want to find out about COI's, and the biosensor method of raising puppies. I want to know that a breeder IS using the biosensor method, not JUST doing normal socialization with their puppies, especially since biosensor training is very, very simple.

This is what I know so far. If anyone has anything to add, I'm eager to hear it! I miss having a dog in my life to love, but I don't want to be blindsided by a health problem that costs thousands of dollars to fix/treat. I don't have THAT kind of money, so I'd rather reduce my risk with a TON of research. If that means that the puppy I get is a bit expensive, so be it. I'd rather pay a litte more now, than a LOT more later, + heartbreak.

Flip, CGC

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Barked: Fri Aug 13, '10 8:44am PST 

Could I recommend you join this forum? It is a wealth of standard poodle information and the people are very knowledgeable about breeders, etc.