Question about age.

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I don't think age really has anything to do with it. But I'm thinking about getting another Husky when I get to be with Bowser again. (He's in Florida with my stepfather and I'm in Massachusetts. Long story, pretty personl.) But I plan on moving to Florida around May or June of next year to live.

He'll be 3 by the time I get there, he's 2 now. I know they say, if you get 1 husky, you should probably get 2 so they have someone to play with when you're not around. (Which I'm usually around unless going to a store) . So I doubt it, but he wouldn't be too old for a little brother right? Lol. This is probably a very dumb question. And it would probably be a boy.
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There are a lot of factors, and the bottom line is that you should get another dog because you want another dog.

Huskies tend to be very bonded to their families and many do appreciate the company of another dog when the owner is away. However, many Huskies couldn't care less either way and some are even pretty dog aggressive. My Fox is perfectly happy to sit alone in a room all day with a few toys and usually does so even when we are home. Vance somewhat preferred having Ember around, but he didn't care about the 3 years he was an only dog.

Even if do get another dog, there's always a possibility that they won't be able to be left alone together. Vance was a seriously cranky guy. It was over a year before I could leave him and Ember alone together and trust that Ember was being respectful, that Vance actually wanted her there and that if there was a disagreement they would both hold their temper. And they still didn't play. The vast majority of dogs will lie down and sleep while they wait for your return, whether you've left one dog or twenty dogs.

As long as your dog isn't same-sex aggressive gender isn't a huge issue - however, many Huskie are same-sex aggressive. If you haven't had him with many other dogs, be prepared to find out he is.

Age isn't a huge factor, except that an adult is less likely to put up with the antics of a puppy. A senior won't match the energy level of a young adult. And so on. As a puppy, a dog will be more open to accepting new family members but for most dogs growing up isn't a deal-breaker when it comes to adding on (and conversly, you can get two puppies who grow up to hate eachother).

It's all very situational, but as long as you are ready to make it work, you can.