How to bond with youe husky?

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Barked: Sun Nov 7, '10 5:52am PST 
What do you usually do to bond with your husky? Aside from the walk I mean. smile

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Barked: Sun Nov 7, '10 6:50am PST 
Hey, I was an adult when I moved in with my person. She took me on walks, fed and brushed me, kept me inside when she was inside, petted me for no reason, fed me treats, talked to me, gave me toys even though I didn't know how to play with a human....I didn't trust it, she was my 3rd owner.

I knew they would be nice and love you for a little while, then get tired of you and throw you away, but she didn't get tired of me.

After about 6 months I started sneaking on the bed at night, sitting on her foot, smiling at her....It has been over two years now and she still isn't tired of me. I guess I have my home.

With an adult, it takes a while for them to trust you, but tell your person to hang in there, it is worth it.

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Barked: Sun Nov 7, '10 5:14pm PST 
We don't go on walks very often because she gets frustrated with going to slow. So we bike together. I have an attachment so she can run beside. She likes to play fetch. I take her on car rides whenever possible. We go to the dog park. We've taken obedience and agility classes. And we work on learning different tricks, she's very intelligent and will do anything for food.


Barked: Wed Nov 24, '10 1:45pm PST 
I really love to walk. Mom taught me to walk beside her, before Id go on ahead but wait for her when shes too far back but I learned walking beside is better. When I feel like walking and mom is busy, I try to be patient but when I really want to, Id bug her. She gives me toys, I try to play with them but I prefer running around the house. When Im tired, I just sleep by her feet. Mom loves to play with me, and I can tell she'll never get tired even though she just came from work.
Ember FDX

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Barked: Thu Nov 25, '10 6:56pm PST 
Be kind, patient, and have fun together. Both my Huskies were rescues, and I've noticed they do take a bit longer than the average dog to settle into a new home. Both mine took closer to 9 months, where the average is 4 - 6.

Vance was so emotionally damaged it just took time. Ember didn't understand what it was to live with a human, as opposed to living around humans, if that makes sense. Flyball is what really helped her in all aspects. It was fun, it was an energy release, she got to be near other dogs, and it allowed her increasing freedom as she learned to work with me and control and direct her energy.
Bailey Mae

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Barked: Fri Nov 26, '10 7:45pm PST 
We play fetch. I take her with me on short errands. And she sits in our laps while we watch tv. I know she will be too big for that one day so I've started having her sit at my feet with her back to my legs and I massage her neck and shoulders. It's simple stuff but it is good bonding.