How big will my husky get?

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Shadow -
Barked: Mon Oct 4, '10 8:32pm PST 
My husky is a 11 month old male. He is purebred Siberian Husky male. He was the largest of the litter and is now 67lbs. He is pure white and is bi-eyed. I am just curious as to when Huskys stop growing as he is already a monster lol.

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I'm not sure of his background, but he looks a heck of a lot like my neighbor's white german shepherd who must weigh at least 100 lbs. Since he is already bigger than most male huskies at 11 months, and probably not done growing yet I might suspect that he is either mixed or bred much bigger than standard. In either of those cases guessing his final size/weight isn't easy.
If he is purebred and you got him from a breeder, did you see his parents? If you did than that should give you an indication of his final size, though there are always genetic anomalies. If you did get him from a breeder, what does the breeder say, have you asked them about adult weight? Was he supposed to be within standards? If so, your breeder might want to know about your very large boy.
In any case you can expect him to keep growing for another 6 months to a year. He may not get any taller, but he will build muscle mass and gain some more weight.

Shadow -
Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 6:57am PST 
Thank you for your input. He is a purebred and registered. His parents were around 60lbs give or take and very healthy. I asked a vet and he said that he has seen Siberians reach 100lbs, but it is not that common. I hope he hit a early growth spurt and he is done lol. Again, thanks for your info...this is my first Siberian and he has been a adventure.


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Try using this site. It may not be very accurate, but should give you a round about idea on adult weight.


M y pup just turned 8 months and is right near 60 and he is registered also. He's just very much over standard size.

Also, a 100 lb Siberian is super rare, and I'd be willing to bet it had at least SOME Malamute in it.

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Our Kelly was registered and came from a great breeder - he was about 70/75 pounds, but was very tall & long compared to Gracie who came from the same breeder. You can definately tell the difference in our boy Bo when compared to Gracie given the size of his head & ears!