Crate Training

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Barked: Sun May 20, '07 2:18pm PST 
I have another question & so far no one hasbeen able to help me. I have never in all my years of having my dogs had a problem crate training them. It always seemed easier once they were older. They just did it!!! But my little man refuses and barks consistently no matter what i do. no matter what i do it doesnt work! I tried brining in toys and a treat, covering him up...He'll crawl in his brothers kennel with him and sleep hes a chiweenie but not alone! And ive summed it up as sepperation anxiety or just being stubborn. HELP!!!!!!!!
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Barked: Mon May 21, '07 8:50am PST 
i dont know if this will be of any help, but just be consistent. what my mother did with our dogs is put them in for short periods each day, while she was in the room. started with maybe 5 minutes a night, and then slowly increased the time they were locked in as they got used to it. it seems to work, because both of them are more or less, quiet now. then give them a treat when you let them out and do the whole positive association thing.
hope that helps!

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Barked: Tue May 22, '07 3:59pm PST 
Wish I could help but I had the same problem with my Salsita. I was determined to crate train her but ended up caving in to her adorable manipulative little personality! I just couldn't bear to hear the endless barking - she sounds like a crazed monkey in a jungle when she goes into separation anxiety mode. Now she sleeps with me and when I leave her I gate her in the kitchen. This works well but I wish she was crate trained so it would be easier traveling with her.