Constant ear infections

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Barked: Thu Feb 2, '12 4:25am PST 

My Saint; Bernie suffers with constant ear infections and im starting to run out of ideas!

Weve tried the vets prescribed ear drops, natural ear drops, olive oil which was recommended by the vets, weve tried cleaning them regularly, we've tried salt water....and nothing seems to be working for more than a day or 2.

He just seems to be constantly shaking his head and suffering with them. Its not even as if i can pin his ears back with anything to air them for a while! The other hard issue I have with him, is because he suffers so badly with his ears, he absolutely hates anyone going near his ears, so it takes 1 person to hold him and another to administer drops/cleaning which makes everything that much harder!

Has anyone else experienced constant ear infections and had success with anything other than what ive mentioned?

Any advice gratefully recieved

Which way did- they go?
Barked: Fri Feb 3, '12 10:01am PST 
my Saints have never had them but my Beagle suffered terribly for awhile. Changing to a grain-free food and giving yogurt everyday (if they are yeast infections it does help but you didn't mention what type of infections they were?) has helped a lot and cleaning with ear cleaning solution for dogs helps. Are they bacterial, yeast or?