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Miles Giles

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Barked: Thu Sep 17, '09 7:35am PST 
When I'm out walking Miles, people find it necessary to tell me that Saint Bernards don't live very long. Sometimes some one goes into a story about how their large dog only lived to be 6 years old... Do they want me to start mourning right now? I find it very rude that strangers would say such things in front of Miles. Does this ever happen to any other Saint parents? What is your response?silenced
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Barked: Thu Sep 17, '09 8:10am PST 
Yes, it happens to me too and I find it extremely rude as well. I thought it was just me being overly sensitive. Depending on if I'm in the mood to engage in a conversation with them, I usually tell them that being that she was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 3 yrs old and she is now 6 yrs old, she has beaten the odds. She is happy and healthy (all things considered) and you wouldn't even know that there's anything wrong if I hadn't mentioned it. I am just grateful for each and every day that she is here with me so I choose not to focus on what the average life expectancy is.

Barked: Sat Sep 19, '09 1:01pm PST 
That's pretty lame of people. I have had people tell me that too and my dog is only 9 months old!


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Barked: Mon Sep 21, '09 9:19pm PST 
I always respond by telling them medicine is so much more advanced now than it was years ago, and with a healthier holistic diet we plan on having her around at least until she is 12! way to go

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Lady Bird

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Barked: Tue Sep 22, '09 1:45pm PST 
Yeah, That happnes to me too, My uncle tells me that too, He says you know St.Bernards do not live that long, I say that I some books that say the St.Bernard live to be al least 14 years old, I hate when poeple say that stuff it really hurts and your baby feels

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Barked: Fri Sep 25, '09 2:07pm PST 
They are just jealous their dog isn't a SAINT. dog

Barked: Mon Jan 30, '12 3:19am PST 
I would give strangers a piece of my mind if they said that to me...

Barked: Mon Jan 30, '12 12:18pm PST 
That's very very rude. I get similar attention when I walk my pitbull puppy. Everyone has some story they heard from a friend of a friend about an aggressive pit and then they lay some misinformed into on me and it's just ridiculous, so I feel you. People should mind their own business!