I'm a Pug Addict!

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♥- Roxy - CGC♥

PLEASE feed me,- I'm STARVING!!
Barked: Mon Jun 15, '09 11:39pm PST 
I'm absolutely Pug Bonkers! I remember before I got Harley I would chase down anyone with a pug so I could ohhhh and awww over them. Now I'm obsessed. I have started collecting. I don't see any end. I have books, clocks, pillows, magnets, stuffed animals, car seat covers, etc. And the two pugs I currently have. It is like I'm on drugs I NEED more! They need to make a PA, a Pug's anonymous! I need help! BOL! I tell everyone if I didn't love my babies so much (non pug babies) I'd give them all up and gets LOTS more pugs! Someone slap me! I need help! BOL! Anyone else addicted to Pugs?

Can you scratch- my back, please?
Barked: Wed Jun 17, '09 2:04pm PST 
I like pugs but not ha much!! You are a pug addict!

*Slaps Roxanne across face*

Get out of it!

Did somebody say- car ride?!?!
Barked: Wed Mar 24, '10 10:27am PST 
Although i dont own a pug myself (however my boyfriend does!) i am exactly the same way except more so with dogs in general. I'm planning to buy a house after I'm done with college and I can only imagine the stuff I'll be buying then!

♥- Lolita- ♥

Don\'t clean- your house, I\'m- a pug vacc
Barked: Tue Apr 19, '11 8:36am PST 
LOL....you're fine...I'm like that too!!! Hahaha...I'm adicted to dogs, but pugs specially. I try to chase people who owns pugs, I can't resist to pet them and hold them. I watch videos of pugs, have pics of pugs, I take pics of my pug Lolita every time she does something funny or silly heheh...I want and have everything for each and every need of hers. I treat her like a baby and she sooo deserves it cuz she is baby to me. She's my world. Looking forward to collect more things of pugs and to have more pugs. I'm now starting with my kitchen and some pug decorations. I don't think I'm crazy I'm just in love with the most wonderful and smart breed out there. My husband is starting to feel like that too and on top of that the entire family is getting "pugnized" hehehe