Housebreaking Pugs...

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Barked: Thu Dec 11, '08 7:38pm PST 
Hi, I am new and I am curious to read others pug housebreaking stories...

I found housebreaking a pug to be a bit of a handful. He continued to do the "potty" thing in the house up to a year but only once in awhile after hitting the 8 month old mark. He also doesn't whine or bark to let me know he's gotta go, I only know when he comes right over to me and gives me the "i gotta go outside" stare so a couple times i missed it and he went in the house. I heard its normal for pugs to take awhile to housebreak. Curious to hear others stories...

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Barked: Fri Dec 12, '08 5:37pm PST 
I've also heard that it's hard to housebreak pugs, mainly because they can be so stubborn. I think with ours we were very lucky! Rose was a rescue and already housebroken when we got hersmile

Leo we crate trained until he was about 6 months old and then we got him an x-pen so he could have more room but not too much. He had maybe a dozen accidents during that time (never in the crate of x-pen though) and most were just like you said, because I didn't understand that pitiful, pleading "I need to go to the bathroom look". He's a little over a year old now and has free roam of the house when we're not home and he's been totally accident free since he was 8 months old. We have a pretty set schedule for potty breaks and I think because he knows he can trust in that routine he doesn't have to stress about when or where to go.
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Otis Ford

Barked: Sun Dec 21, '08 8:28am PST 
Otis is housebroken but it was a long road. Still now, if the weather is unfavorable, he does not like to go outside. He always trys to go in the bathroom thoughsmile