Peek-a-pom training for senior

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Hello. I have a question about Pomeranian’s as a companion for a senior. 12 years ago we gave my mother-in-law a Shipoo and she absolutely adored the dog. She would keep her company on many a lonely evening. The dog passed a few months ago and my mother-in-law has asked us to find her another companion dog since we did such a great job the first time.
We just got an 8 week old Peek-a-Pom. We had a choice of 3 pups, and he was the biggest and cutest of the pack. He looks very much like a Pomeranian, where his brothers looked more Pekingese. I suspect from what I have read online, he acts like it too. He is brilliant!! Very smart, rambunctious, and bold. He’s a real scrapper. He’ll run around and prance at you, and want to jump on you one second, and is licking your face the next. The whole house is in love with him. He even walks over to his potty pad to use the bathroom. Brilliant!
The problem. He does not appear to like being held too long. We can hold him for 10 seconds or so, but then he will squirm to get away. If I try to put him next to me on the couch, even when he is tired, he will not relax. We bought him a crate, and he seems to like it a lot. He would rather go lay in his crate when he is tired. Also, if we try to hold him too long, he just goes nuts. The breeder said she had lots of grandkids, so we are speculating he got held, and possible dropped, a lot. Or is this normal behavior? Has anyone else experienced this with their Pom pup? We wanted him to be a good couch buddy for my mother-in-law, but I’m afraid he may be too bold and independent for that lifestyle. Or am I wrong? I’m guessing he will eventually grow into this role, but am not sure. What have been your experiences? We will have him for 2 weeks before we take him to my mother-in-law. Perhaps there is some training we can do? Thank you all in advance for your feedback!

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My pom used to be really hyper - and still is on occasion when I come home from work or someone is at the door - but he is a year old now and a lot calmer than he was when I first got him at 8 weeks of age. He used to squirm whenever I held him and act kind of wild. Now he cuddles with me on the couch for hours and sleeps all night on my bed, but is still quite playful and loves to play fetch with his toys. He's a great dog and all my friends and family love him. He is the best companion I could have ever asked for. If you give him time to get to know everyone he will become more mature smile

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Wicket was really hyper when a pup, but now that he's four he loves to lie next to me on the couch. He is still rather playfull, but he does have a lot of downtime. At this moment he is suggled rathercloe to me on our couch, he also sleeps with us. Once he is neutered he should calm down a bit.

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I hope that changes for your mothers sake but you can't always count on it. Some poms are rather cat like. It's affection on their terms.
I can make a few suggestions. No rough play! No tug! No wrestling. This just makes them more hyper. I have two dogs right now that I have had since puppies and one is aloof. my husband played with him rough. And the other is cuddly cause my husband was on the road when I got him and I didn't play rough with him. Get on the floor with him lay down let him get used to you on his level. As soon as possible let him in the bed. My pup liked to chew on his bullsticks in my lap. Don't try and pick him up and walk around. Be sitting. I only have one pom that really doesn't mind being picked up while we are standing. The other two tolerate it.