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A Lannister- always paws his- debts.
Barked: Thu Oct 4, '12 11:31pm PST 
I'm new to Dogster, but not new to poms. I grew up with a pom (who was with us for a wonderful 15 years) and absolutely fell in love with them.

Just recently, my husband and I bought a new pom puppy after a year of research and waiting. I'm so thrilled to finally have a pom again!

His name is Tyrion, and he's currently around 5 months old.

Birthday Boy
Barked: Thu Oct 4, '12 11:47pm PST 

Did you say go?- I'm in!
Barked: Mon Oct 8, '12 5:54pm PST 
You are a cute little guy! Welcome.

The Boys

The Three- Stooges.
Barked: Sun Oct 14, '12 10:20pm PST 
Awww sweet baby!