New pup won't go outside.

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I have had dogs all my life and have never really had a problem house-breaking one before. We just got a new Pomeranian pup that is around 10 weeks old. He will not go to the bathroom outside, ever. I have other dogs, including 2 other pups, and they will all go outside together. He is the only one that won't go to the bathroom. He will come inside and immediately pee or poop on the floor. I don't know what to do. I took him out tonight, just him, and we were out for a good hour. He did not go at all, and as soon as we came in he peed on the floor. I just don't know what to do!

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With our Cavalier who was reluctant to do anything outside, we would feed him, crate him, and then take him outside when we knew he had to do his business. Then we would put a matchstick gently into his anus (not deep, of course), and he would always immediately poop. We would praise him like crazy, and eventually he got used to it. I know this sounds really weird, but Google it...it's a real training method, promise. smile

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I had this same problem with my pup. It took a few days but he did eventually start going outside.

Crate training is a big help in this instance, especially at night. Dogs tend to not want to soil their sleeping area so he will try and hold it in the crate as long as he can (for young puppies this may mean they need a trip outside in the middle of the night or early morning). If you take him outside after he's been in the crate all night, hopefully he'll have to pee bad enough that he'll go. And then of course praise him profusely and give him a treat!


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My Pom would not go outside for the world. We would just take him for walks and one day he just went outside at like 8 months. I praised him and gave him a treat. Then everyday for his walks he would go. I recently moved and he was being free-fed( the amount he was supposed to get was set down), but now I feed in once in the morning take him out like 15-20 mins later then he goes. Then I feed him in the afternoon then I take him out like I do in the morning sometimes he goes sometimes he doesn't. Put your pup on a feeding schedule if he's not and when you feed him take him out 15-20 mins or for a walk until he goes. When he does finally go praise him like crazy or take a treat with you and give it to him. I don't crate my dog anymore. I just crate him when I leave, he can be very destructive.

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