Strange Behavior

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Barked: Tue Jul 31, '12 10:27am PST 
For the past month or so, Yogi has been exhibiting some unusual behavior. We have a clawfoot tub and he has been hiding behind it whenever we are home. I bring him to work with me throughout the week. Whenever someone would come in the office, he would bark and act excited and try to play with them. Now he just lays in the corner all day and doesn't make a peep. He wont go for walks unless both my boyfriend and I go. He acts like he has no energy or interest in anything until my boyfriend comes home around 8 PM then he wants to play! I brought him to the vet and she did some blood work and a psychical exam but said everything looks to be normal. Just wondering if anyone else has any idea what could be going on. I'm thinking he may be depressed? Any input is much appreciated!

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Barked: Wed Aug 1, '12 8:20pm PST 
Wish i had some insight for you on what's going on with Yogi. I don't know where you are located but it's been a horrid, hot summer here. My boys are not dealing with it very well. They are not nearly as active as they usually are. Is it possible that Yogi is hiding by the bath tub because it's cooler there? I know the bathroom tends to be the coolest room in my house if I do not have the AC on.