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I luv to bark
Barked: Tue Jul 24, '12 8:34pm PST 
Hi! I'm Sue I have two Shelties and I reluctantly adopted a Pomeranian named Toby a little over a year ago when his family(my nephew) moved and "couldn't take him along." I know I do not get it either.

I have known Toby since he was a wee pup so knew what I was getting into. Toby was never properly trained and had huge attitude. I knew things were going to be difficult, at least at first, but it was me or the shelter so what's a dog lover supposed to do?

I have owned Shelties for over thirty years and this little guy is nothing like a Sheltie that's for sure. He has been a real education for me. It's taken a lot of patience but it's worked out well much better than I ever expected it could.

I'm looking forward to learning more about Pomeranians from those of you with more experience than me.

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Is today agility- day??
Barked: Wed Jul 25, '12 1:52pm PST 
Welcome to dogster! welcome