A Lucky Dog (with a grooming question)

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In November of 2010, we adopted a young adult Pomeranian from a nearby rescue. We already have 2 other dogs (a Golden, also adopted from a rescue, and a terrier mix who was a stray that we took in). Lucky (the Pom) was a public stray in Mobile that was pulled from the high-kill shelter and turned over to the rescue and we found him on Petfinder. He is my youngest son's dog and is bonded very strongly to him (my son is now 13).

Here is Lucky the day we got him: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v321/RhapsodyAcres/A%20Lucky%20Dog /LuckysGotchaDay20Nov10002.jpg

Here he is a few months ago:
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v321/RhapsodyAcres/A%20Lucky %20Dog/Lucky10March12.jpg

He was very nervous when we met him at the rescue but by being quiet and deliberate and not moving quickly, he warmed to us pretty well and we took him home that night (the rescue waived the 24-hour hold). However, it takes him quite a while to warm to anyone else. He gets stressed easily in busy locations with lots of strangers but is getting better with people coming in to our home (not great, but better).

My issue deals with grooming. The fur on his back end is VERY fluffy and all but impossible to get through. Taking him to a groomer is out of the question; we tried that and he freaked out. It's hard to just run him in for socializing because we live a bit too far out for "quick trips" just for that purpose.

I have a basic rake but it gets tangled in the fluffy fur. And getting him to hold still is HARD! I try really hard to make sure I'm not pulling his hair but obviously there is some pulling and he's uncomfortable with it. He doesn't get aggressive but he does try to get away and has tried to bite the rake handle. Is there a better type of rake that is best to use for getting through the thick fur? It's not truly matted but it's fuzzy, for lack of a better word. Is there something I can use to "thin" the fur in that area? A pair of thinning shears isn't the answer for me - I tried that once and felt so sorry for him afterward! My kids said that I butchered his fur . . .laugh out loud
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He is very cute. You might try a shedding comb

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I have pretty good luck getting through the butt fluff with a regular pin brush. You might want to try giving him a small bite of a yummy treat every couple of brush/rake strokes so he can start associating it with good things. Maybe that will help calm him a bit to make the task a bit easier for you.


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We have quit a few poms and some are exactly as you have described in regards to grooming at home. I find that having the hubby or our nephew who lives with us pet, scratch or otherwise keep them entertained while Im trying to brush through the maze of fur really helps out.
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I use Magic Touch Grooming spray Formula #3 and after i spray that in the coat i use a Chris Christensen 7.5" Fine/Extra Course comb #003. This is the very BEST comb I have found in my search and the one I now prefer. The teeth are spaced 11 per inch at the fine end, but the best part is that there are only 3 teeth per inch at the course end! This comb just glides thru the coat like butter, and the extra course end helps get snarls out much easier. But always start at the ends of the hair and work your way in so it will not pull too much as that is painful to puppy.