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I recently lost my daughter and upon recovering from the loss I have become obsessed with the POM breed, researching, you tubing, googling photos and looking up reputable breeders in my area for the perfect pomeranian puppy for me. I find a breeder who had a litter coming and let me rub him to life when they were born, being the runt of the litter we had some scary times and I didn't know if I should have picked him to be my puppy but I knew he was the one for me, when there eyes opened and it was my turn to pick he sat down on my shoe and peed! Now that he is finely home his name has been Boo Bearing- ton since his teddy bear face came in, Boo for short, is almost 9 weeks old and already my best friend!
Though I love him with out a doubt there are somethings I've noticed
"weird" about him lately of course this might be his personality I just
thought I'd ask....

Boo hates the car and flips out every time I take him with me, he literally screams and makes a digging motion in my lap, or where ever he is He will not calm down for anything (not treats, not if I hold
him close, not if I put him in a crate) even if it's not moving he still screams and cries, I am a real estate agent and boo comes with me every where, to the office, to showings even to negotiations and I'd hate to leave him at home because I want it to stay this way with us being a team! Any suggestions?

Boo has no deth peseption, he is a little dare devil when it comes to
my bed and if I stand up and it looks like I'm leaving him on the bed he will jump for me, I find it so scary with him being so small and the bed being high for him as a puppy he may hurt him self, he hasn't fallen yet and I catch him every time he try's but I have to keep a watchful eye for that "crouching tigger" look he gets when he is about to jump for it I don't want to discourage him from getting down because he knows him potty pad is on the ground and he let's me know he want to go to the bathroom I would hate for him to have an accident because he couldn't get down. Any helpful advise?

And another thing it's been almost three weeks I've had him home now and he will not leave my room unless I carry him, my home is two story plantation home and I take him to different rooms of the house but if I put him down to explore he will not move, he just stands there frozen in fear,I get on the ground to play with him but he looks away I don't know If I did something wrong by bring him home and not showing him every corner of the house but I don't know how to snap him out of it, to let him now it's okay to explore and get into mischief, I love him regardless. Is there any way to encourage him to explore, or is this just a puppy stage he will grow out of?

Pic of BOO
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the picture says it's not available.
You've had him since he was 6wks? It's a very young age to bring a puppy home. He would have learned to be more adventurous if he had stayed with his siblings longer. I have my mattress and frame on the floor so I don't have to worry about my boys jumping. Leave him to figure things out. He is not going to learn to explore and get braver i he is always in your arms. Has he been to the vet to make sure there isn't anything wrong with him?

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The breeder lives across the street from me, he sees his sibbling every day its routine until they find homes. he has been to the vet has all his shots and the vet thinks i am funny when i tell him about things Boo does so i never get a real straight answer, is what he is doing that bad and should be checked out by a vet?

try this one:
http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg577/brittgottadance/phot o2.jpg

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He is very cute and I'm very sorry about your daughter.
His behavior seems a bit strange for me just because puppies are curious and like to explore. I also have never had a dog that didn't like car rides. Todd is nervous and pants heavily when in the car but he is also the one who jumps right in.
Boo- Bearing-Ton

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These few days he has been adventuring out in to other rooms of the house only to run back into my room as if to say "did you see that, I DIDI IT" and with parise he follows me around. As for his fear of the car we are taking it slowly getting in for a few moments and not Turing it on yet then maybe take it from there as slowly as we can since I don't want to over do it he is still a puppy and his personality is more timid then ambitious and that's okay.

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Boo is adoreable and yes, a pom has a special way of touching and healing the heart. It sure helped my hubby and I when we also lost our only child, our daughter at the tender age of 19. We loved and enjoyed poms so much, they became like lays potato chips, you can't have just one. LOL hug

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I still can't see a picture! I sure would like to! I know what you mean about how quickly you love them.