Pom Names??

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I've never met a- stranger.
Barked: Wed May 23, '12 12:13pm PST 
My husband is a huge Mizzou football fan so our little girl Kellen was named after a football player. Her full name is Kellen Winslow (NOT Kellen Winslow Jr. who was also a Mizzou player, haha. My husband emphasizes this fact a lot). I actually wanted to call her Winnie originally but my husband vetoed it and I agreed since he was very hesitant about us taking her home as it was. They are now best buds however. Previously she was called Bitsy (by her breeder) and Bella (by the person who gave her to us) but I think she is much too spunky for those names.

When we get another dog we are going to try to stick with the Mizzou sports name theme. Though I'm not sure what we would name another female. Some others we liked...


You can call me- Poof
Barked: Wed May 23, '12 7:06pm PST 
Those names are all awesome and quite unique!! I've been thinkin about sticking with a theme.

I've got Pidgeon, so sticking with calling them other animal names? lol
[still thinkin, lol]

I love- cheeeewwww!!
Barked: Thu May 24, '12 8:05pm PST 
First I'd like to say I love this thread! My first Pom was Daisey (God rest her little soul rainbow ) named after my mother's favorite flower. Kyah was a little harder for me to name. I was still very distraught over losing my Daisey when I received my next chapter in life a.k.a. Kyah! At first I was thinking of naming her another flower name like Lily or Tuli for tulip but none I came up with really suited her. I tossed around Nala but that didn't work for us either. Then I came upon Kyah which means "seasons new beginnings." Not only was it perfect for my situation after losing my love Daisey, since she was a new beginning for me but also the name suits her beautifully, I believe smile

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