Will my puppy be healthy?

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I'm purchasing a Pom puppy sometime in May. According to the breeder, the puppy is charting around 3 to 3.5 pounds when she is an adult. Is this too light and will her weight effect her health as an adult? My last Pom was about 7.5 pounds, a weight I consider normal for a Pom. She had several health problems including luxating patellas that needed to be corrected with three surgeries ( once in her right leg, twice in her left.), hypglycemia, and kidney stone. Her death was very unexpected, we had her kidney stones removed and she never recovered from the surgery.frown It was a very hard and difficult time. Til this day, I wonder what we could have done differantly to save her or prevent the kidney stones from even forming.
Anyway, moving ahead, does anyone think I'm worring too much about the light weight? Is there questions I should ask the breeder before I go through with the purchase? She seems to be a reputable breeder, and both of the puppies parents live with her. I dont know if I can go through heart break again.
Thanks for any and all answers

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I currently have 3 pomeranians that are 3 lbs. They are all very healthy and playful. I wouldn't be afraid to buy another that small.

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Thank you so much for your reply. Its nice to know that your babies are healthy! I think I'm just really worried about nothing. smile


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I have a small pom also. She has patella pain but is generally healthy and happy. I would have no other breed.

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You are welcome. I certainly would never try to breed a pom this small, and definately did not try to find one that small, however, I bought them as puppies and sometimes the charts are wrong..... Good luck with your little one, and please post pictures whenever you get her.

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My friend has a 3 lb yorkie, her pup is glycemic (sp?) meaning his sugar levels drop often and she needs to give him supplements to maintain or he will pass out. He also needed some kind of surgery where a vet said he might not make it (because he is so small), something with his tummy, I'm not really sure on the details regards to that. Otherwise he is fine now! Just know that a dog that small you will need to make sure his sugar levels don't drop and there is always a chance that if he ever needs surgery on anything, it will be more of a risk because he is so small.

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My pom is 4 lbs. She is healthy and happy. The breed standard for poms are 3 lbs to 7 lbs. If poms are over weight they tend to have more knee problems. Knee problems are also some times due to poor breeding. When a pom puppy is still very young it is a good idea to feed them 3 small meals a day instead of once a day. This helps keep their blood sugar levels good. My pom is almost a year and a half old and i feed her two small meals a day. You might be interested to read more about the breed standard of poms here: http://www.akc.org/breeds/pomeranian/